Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


5. Hasmine?!?!?

Jasmine's P.O.V. Harry looks so good. Did I really just say that? Wow. I saw him stare at me. I stared back. I think Andre saw us. We all decided to go to Nando's. Niall ate quite a lot. Me and Harry sat next to each other then I felt big warm hands onto mine. It was Harry. Andre doesn't have such big hands unless something weird happened to it. I didn't really look up just kept eating. After going on a boat ride. Me and Andre went home I told Andre everything about what Harry and I did and I mean EVERYTHING. Andre wasn't surprised she obviously knew. After watching a movie we went to bed while I was getting dressed I heard my butt vibrate I then realized me and Harry exchanged numbers it said Hazza:) : Hey the Boys and I are having a party tomorrow night do u and ur sister want to come? I replied what sister?
Hazza:) : the one at the park oh is she ur cousin? No she is my friend and sure I replied
Then it's set we will pick u up tomorrow at 7:30 that should give u time to look good for me :) Go to bed I replied.
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