Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


12. Girls Day Out

Andre's POV I decided to text to Eleanor saying we could meet at the Starbucks and get to know each other. When we got to Starbucks Eleanor wasnt there but then Jasmine said she saw her walking. She just opened the door and sat near us. Me and Jasmine told her about mine and her parent. Jasmine said her parents died in a car accident I said my parent kicked me out. Her parents are still alive their just traveling around the world. Then we decided Starbucks was kind of boring so we decided to go to H&M good stuff there I only got a few jeans and t-shirts. One with Mickey Mouse I'm pretty sure I'm going to go there another time. After that we went to Jasmine's place also mine I guess and decided to watch horror movies in between watching Friday the 13th Zayn called asking what I was doing I told him we were having some fun with Eleanor watching horror movies. After a bit of talking he hung up. About 20 minutes later someone was knocking on the door I opened the door to my surprise was Zayn and the boys with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. "U know I didn't say u could come over" I said. Zayn replied "We'll then too bad walking through with chips. Yum Doritos. We all decided to keep watching the horror movie. "No don't go in there don't go in there" Niall said. After four times hearing that we all said "Shut Up Niall". Niall just went to go get chips then whispered under his breath "Glad to be here". "Aww thanks" Jasmne replied since we all heard him. After watching three horror movies we decided to play Just Dance 4. Around 11pm Eleanor and Louis decided to leave. Me Eleanor and Jasmine all exchanged numbers well not really me and Jasmine gave each other our numbers since I live with her. Then it was Selena and Justin also got their numbers. Then all of them left let me just say me and Jasmine got all of their numbers. After they all left we me and Jasmine cleaned the place this is going to take a long time…
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