Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


15. Emily for some time

Emily's POV yesterday seemed like a good day met some people and all hope they liked me. Today I was going to the park with my friend Daisy I had decided to wear this I always keep my hair straight naturally. I arrived a few minutes before her by the time she got there I was on the swings waiting for her to join me but she just went to another friend then she pointed at me and they boy started laughing. I felt sad so I ran home and called Liam to come over. I knew he would help. Liam arrived about ten minutes after the call and I just ran to him and hugged him " She was such a horrible friend to me" I said "How could she do that" Liam sad after hearing the story. After calming down Liam had to make a confession and so did I. He asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course who doesn't want me. Sometimes I've been thinking how are u sad on the outside but ur so happy inside. Weird huh. After kissing Liam for a long time and hugging. Andre and Jas came home from shopping at Juicy Couture. Hmm maybe I'll go there tomorrow I could use some stuff maybe even with Eleanor. Later on that day I spent the day at Liam's house and we slept together hey stop thinking negative. Now I'm thinking how could life be this epic
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