Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


14. Boys meet Emily

Emily's POV When me and Andre were in the car we didn't talk much weird I guess. When we got to the house there were five boys sitting on the sofa Jasmine explained that she thought the boys should meet me. How nice of her, I told them I had to unpack some of my stuff first. During unpacking a guy with a buzz cut came through the door he reached for some of my stuff and helped unpacking. "Hi I'm Liam" he said. "Hi I'm Emily" I replied he told me. About him like his favorite color, song , and movie which was toy story. But I'm ok with that I still like Monsters Inc. I told him a bit of myself we had talk for a long time because before I knew it Andre came up and said "How long does it take for two people to unpack" then she laughed like a maniac what a dirty girl. After Andre up here me and Liam went downstairs. I also learned he went through a break up from this girl called Danielle how sad but he said their still friends. When we got down Andre introduced everyone to me. After meeting them and about 20 minutes I could tell their traits. Niall was the hungry one since it seemed like he was in the kitchen 24/7 Louis liked carrots since I saw carrots in both of his pockets Harry was the flirt I knew because he was all over Jasmine Zayn was the one who cared how he looked since he had a brush in his pocket and he was covering his head with his hands and Liam was probably just the smart or normal guy but I don't think he likes spoon because Niall went to go and get cereal while he was sipping his cereal Liam smacked the spoon to the wall. I was sitting right next to Liam and he used the yawn trick to put his arm over my shoulder all I said was "corny" then he punched my arms it didn't matter much to me I just put my head down to his chest. Good day can I keep it up?
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