Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


13. Bored

Andre's POV Finally we cleaned the place. It was already 1 am and I needed to get some rest so I went upstairs and headed to bed. The next day I woke up to Cher Lloyd singing I want u back from my IPhone awesome ringtone right, right. It was Emily oh yeah wait I never told her about u well it was my stepsister what did she want now we weren't really friends in a siblings way she was always popular at school and always got picked on because of my glasses and braces I didn't think I looked that bad though. But anyways I'm free of school no more groups and stuff like the popular people, jocks , emo. No none of that anymore. Anyways I never really wanted to mention Emily from the start she was just like me kicked out of the house had to find our own ways. We walked different ways I walked to Jasmine's she walked to her boyfriend's house. Anyways she told me she got dumped and had no where to stay. I would have just told her go to your friends house but that's kinda harsh so I told her to hold on and went to go talk to Jasmine about her staying here after a lot of talking she finally said yes. I told her the news and she said to pick her up whenever we could it was 12 noon so I decided to go at 1:30. I picked her up at Starbucks where she told me to pick her up I told her about my boyfriend and Jasmine's so she wouldn't do anything wrong the thing was she already did and it was how she was dressed she looked Hot!! Ugh why Emily WHY!!!!
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