Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


4. Another text

It was Saturday morning me and Jaz were eating egg and bacon yum!!!! All of a sudden my butt was vibrating I knew it was Zayn. I entered the passcode and checked what he wanted he was wondering if I and my sister to meet people obviously I replied back sure and Jasmine is not my sister she is my best friend. He replied quickly. Saying meet me at the local park at 12 pm it was only 8 in the morning so we had a lot of time to get ready. I told Jasmine and she agreed like she would dare say no to me. We got ready and went down to the park about 30 mins early Jasmine wanted to go play on the swings I said ok. About 15 mins later 4 boys walked up to me with Zayn making that 5 boys I called Jasmine over and Zayn introduced us to each other after that I could tell Harry was the flirt. He was staring straight at Jasmine. Jasmine staring back. Then Niall asked if we could go to Nando's. We all agreed and took off this was starting to be a great friendship
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