From Betrayal, There is Love.

Brianne and Tiffany Carver arrive at the house party of the year, and Drama is everywhere. When Tiffany meets the one and only Harry Styles and Brianne is set up with Niall, will they be able to handle the heat? Or will one person ruin it for everyone? *1D IS famous but Tiffany and Bri are chill about it and don't make it a Big deal.*


5. Worry



Tiffany's POV:


I look down at my phone. "Hmm..." I say frowning. It's been almost an 4 hours and Brianne hasn't sent a single text or call yet. "I hope Bri is ok...."

"Shes fine Tiff. Don't worry about it! She probably got home and passed out like you did haha." Olivia said, trying to lighten the mood. "Maybe..." Then I hear a couple knocks on the door.

"Who could that be?" Olivia asks. "I have no idea, we never have people over this late...its Bri!" I fling the door open and suddenly i am face to face with my sister who is soaking wet.

"Tiff!" She cried, throwing herself at me. She was sobbing hysterically. I gently guide her to the couch and look her in the eyes. "Bri, tell me what happened." At first, there was only the sound of her quite sobs and the tapping of rain on the

window. After a minute, she finally talks. "I Screwed up Tiff....its all my fault!" Her voice is hoarse from all of the crying.

"How Bri? How did you Screw up?" "Well Cody left before I could ask for a ride and id dint want to bother anyone so i figured i would just walk back to my dorm. I mean, its like a five minute walk. Anyway, I'm walking along and then Cody comes up behind me. And Then...." She suddenly looks down, like shes embarrassed

or something. "And then...?" I say trying to get the answer out of her. " We kinda umm....kissed.....and-" "I KNEW IT!" Olivia suddenly yelled. "I knew you still liked him!" "Olivia shut up!" I say slightly annoyed. "Bri, please continue." "Ok well we....yeah and then...he told me he

loved me." My jaw dropped. " "He said THAT to YOU?" "Yeah but here is the worst part. I just.....walked away. Walked like nothing happened. I'm such a...a bitch..." "You're not a bitch hun, you just needed time-"

"But I don't know if I love him back Tiff. Part of me wants everything we ever had to just disappear forever. But...the rest of me says i need him back..." She Buries her head into my chest Crying hard. I wrap my arms around her and pat her back trying to comfort her. Then, I suddenly remember the party. This will so get her mind off of Cody. "Hey Bri..."


???'s POV:


"Yeah, do you want me to bring the guys too? Ok. Yeah. I'll be there. Alright. Bye." Well, this should be interesting. I put my phone down and flop onto my bed. My friend Sammi has set me up on another blind date. She always says how shes going to help me find my "princess" or my "lucky charm". Pssh, girls. Always playing match maker. At least its at a party this time. I hope the foods good...

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