From Betrayal, There is Love.

Brianne and Tiffany Carver arrive at the house party of the year, and Drama is everywhere. When Tiffany meets the one and only Harry Styles and Brianne is set up with Niall, will they be able to handle the heat? Or will one person ruin it for everyone? *1D IS famous but Tiffany and Bri are chill about it and don't make it a Big deal.*


8. What happened?



Bri's POV


Man, this place is packed! I walk into the room and about 10 seconds later I hear, "BRI! Over here!" I turn and see my friend Michelle. "Hey girl!" I say running over. We hug and I notice our whole group is hanging out over here! I get a chorus of "hey, hi, how ya doin" statements and soon we're talking. Now, we talk about nothing in particular, we just take a subject and we branch off of it. We sit talking about anything and everything for about half an hour. Then BOOM. Tables are turned, for the worst I might add. "So Brianne. From what I've heard you and Cody are close again." Oh no she didn't. That's Nicole. I never really did like her. She always had a way of making things worse for me. Like now for example. "Where did you hear that?" I ask shooting Michelle a concerned look. Michelle doesn't like her either. Why is she in our group then? Well, that's a story for later. "I have my sources Hun  So spill." "Me and him are just friends nothing more." I say starting to fear for the worst. "Hmm. Thats odd. I didn't know that 'just friends' make out in public!"  "OK, I didn't even agree to that!" "Oh really. And you just tripped into it didn't you?" Right as I was about to retaliate Sammi comes to the rescue from out of no-where. "Hey Bri, he's here c'mon." She grabs my arm and pulls me away. Just before I was out of hearing distance I hear Nicole, "What a slut..." "Oh man. I'm about to slap that bitch." I mumble. "Oh well, deal with it for now, it took me ages to find you and hes been waiting in the back room for forever!" God I hope this doesn't end up awkward. She leads me down the hallway to a smaller room, it looked like maybe an office room. It had a desk, computer, extra chairs and a table. But as I step in i'm greeted by the sexiest          

Irish accent I have ever heard. "Sammi, what took you so..." He trailed off as we locked eyes. "I'll have you know, She was just hugging the walls this whole time with her little buddies. Not easy to find. Don't do anything you'll regret!" She starts walking to the door. "Have fun you guys!" She turns around and flashes us a smile. We finally look back at each other when she pops her head back in. "And use protection-" "SAMMI!" He yells. "Sorry babe, i'll go now." And shes gone. We sit in an awkward silence for about another 30 seconds when we both say "So what-" "No you-" "No go-" until he stops me. "I'll go then you go, deal?" "Deal." I say, thankful for his save. "So...whats your name?" He looks right into my eyes and I freeze up. "uh..." "Hello?" He says waving his hand in front of my face. "Brianne! Er Bri. My friends call me Bri." He laughs. "Well BRI, I'm Niall." What a name. What a stud. He would- "what about you?" "Huh?" I say, looking up confused. "You're adorable, you know that? I SAID, I'm a little hungry myself, what about you?" "Oh! haha, now that I think about it yeah I kinda am." "I could go for something, scratch that, ANYTHING with chicken in it." "Chicken does sound pretty good." He. Is. Perfect. "If you think just any chicken is good, you should try MY rosemary chicken, the lads all love it-" "The lads?" "Oh! My uh, mates." "You guys must be pretty tight if you cook for them huh?" "Well, I guess you could say we've been through alot together." "Haha wish I could say the same about MY friends." "Ooh, friend trouble. Do tell." "I have a so-called 'friend' who I swear to god i'm going to bitch slap then choke out-" "Woah there tiger, she can't be THAT bad-" "Oh, shes worse." I look him in the eyes and my hard resolve just...fades. Something about those mesmerizing blue eyes just calms me. "I guess ya' can't like everyone can ya?" "Guess not..." We sit looking into each others eyes for a minute or two and I really get to take in his features. His fading blonde hair, his captivating blue eyes, his beautiful smile. It all looks so...familiar. "I know this is going to sound weird...but I fell like...i've seen you before." "Haha, yeah I get that a lot." His laugh is so cute! He leans back in his chair. "So," He said, raising an eyebrow at me. "What do you do for fun?"  Uh oh...don't be weird, don't be weird "Well" Too weird! Hes giving me 

a look! Now he thinks i'm a weirdo! "Just reading?" He asks laughing. "Well, other stuff just-" "Just you can't name it all." "Haha yeah, something like that." My voice trails off. "Well, at least you're not a total nerd." He said sticking his tongue out at me. I crack up laughing. I'm laughing so hard now that I snort. "Was that a...?" He says giving me the eye. Then he starts laughing just as hard as me. By this time i'm laughing so hard I fall off my chair and on to the floor. "You laugh funny!" He says teasing me. I get back up on my chair and shoot him a mock-serious face. "Take it back." "Aww did I hurt little Bri's feelings?" "I said, take it back!" "Oh, I'm SO scared!" I start counting. "1..." Nothing. "2..." Still nothing. "Are you going to do it or not?" "Do what?" He says faking innocence. "You asked for it." I get up and tackle him to the ground. "Take. It. Back!" I yell. "Never!" He yells laughing. As we're wrestling on the floor, I hear the door open. A quick "Oops, sorry!" Can be heard and then the door is closed again. While Niall is still distracted I take this as a chance to flip him onto his back. "Ha, I win!" I say. "Well congrats. Your prize is...the joy of saying you won." He says with a glint in his eye. But in the middle of my victory laugh, he flips us over. Now hes the one laughing. "Now I'M the winner!" I laugh. "Cheater!" "So, whats MY prize?" He says, his gaze meeting mine. "Well..." I say wrapping my arms around his neck. I close my eyes and smile as he leans down. I can almost feel his lips when I open my eyes and use all of my strength to flip us over. "Ok. I'll admit it. You got me there." "Yeah, I got you good!" I say laughing. I sit up and stare down at him. "Did I ever mention that you make a nice cushion?" "Must have slipped my mind." I lean back on his knees. "Oh! you're-sitting-on-my-" "Oh god, I'm sorry!" I scoot up to his stomach. "Thank you." I stare down at him. "Comfortable down there?" "Actually yes. Yes I am. You're quite light." I giggle like a little girl. I lean over and let my hair fall in his face. "Pfff. Blah. I go ha im ma mouff." "Haha sorry." I swing my hair back up. Finally i hop off him and take my place next to him on the carpet. "You are absolutely adorable, you know that?" "Must have slipped my mind." I say smiling. I close my eyes for only a moment. But the moment is interrupted by his lips on mine. It only take me a moment to get over the shock and kiss him back. He breaks the kiss all too soon. "So...what does this mean?" I ask him smiling. "It means..." He gives my a peck on the cheek. "You should..." A Peck on my other cheek. "give me your number." "Sounds like a plan Stan." "My names not-" I kiss him mid-sentence. "Take a joke." I say smiling. I sit up and pull out my phone. He pulls his out of his pocket. We exchange numbers and talk a little more when he stands up suddenly. "Holy hell the guys are gunna kill me!" "Why?" I say also standing. "I'm late! I gotta go, but keep in touch ok?" "I will." I say smiling. He starts walking towards the door. "Oh! Niall wait!" I run and jump into his arms. "Text me kay?" "Will do." He says smiling. We kiss goodbye. "So long Brianne." He says winking. I give a small wave, then hes out the door. I slump against the wall, giddy with this...this...feeling. What a night.                                                                                                                                                               


Nialls POV


Wow. She is amazing. I think jogging back to the car. I see Liam sitting in the front, and I can make out Louis and Zayn in the back. "Wheres Harry?" I ask noticing his absence. "Dunno..." "I texted him.." "He should be here..." "Oh well, i'm sure he'll be here soon." I say sitting down. "Oooh. You guys see it? Nialls all goo-goo!" Zayn says giving me a look. "Now explain." Louis says. "Well if you must know, there's a girl..." I say, getting a wolf whistle from Zayn. "Go on then." Liam says raising his eyebrow. "Shes.....stunning. Beautiful dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, on the short side...adorable laugh. Great sense of humor..." "Somebodys whipped!" Zayn says laughing. "Oh shut up Zayn! Did you at least get her number?" Lou asks leaning over Zayn. "Have some decency lads!" Liam says giving Zayn and Louis an annoyed look . "I'm sure she is a wonderful girl but we need to get Harry and go."  I wonder whats up with him... I look over at Liam. "Want me to go get him?" "No, lets wait a little longer." "Ok then." I sit in the grass and lay back, thinking about her and how great tonight turned out.




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