From Betrayal, There is Love.

Brianne and Tiffany Carver arrive at the house party of the year, and Drama is everywhere. When Tiffany meets the one and only Harry Styles and Brianne is set up with Niall, will they be able to handle the heat? Or will one person ruin it for everyone? *1D IS famous but Tiffany and Bri are chill about it and don't make it a Big deal.*


3. The Scream

                                                                                                    Tiffany's POV:


I get back to my house and decided that i should study for my test in math tomorrow. ugh i hate this freakin class. 

I put my car keys and phone down on the coffee table and went to my room. I don't think Olivia is home and if she is I will NEVER be able to study. After awhile I prop my Head on my hand and I feel my eyes start to droop. Then from there I just saw darkness and I guess I fell asleep.


Olivia's POV:



I come out of  my bedroom for a snack when I hear a faint voice: "you cant go to bed without a cup of tea and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep"-  Wait, isnt that Tiffany's ringtone?!  I go and check her phone and I see the devil. Ugh "Hello Tiffany Carvers phone may I ask what the hell you want?" I asked annoyed "Well you arn't who i'm looking for...wheres Tiff?" asked Sammi "Shes busy go away." "Oh my god. Can I PLEASE talk to Tiffany. Now." "Calm your tits bitch i'm gettin' her." "Finally." So rude. 


I set the phone down and walk to Tiff's room. *knock* *knock* "Tiff?" *knock* *knock* "TIFF!" I open the door and yell "TIFFANY NICOLE CARVER WAKE YOUR ASS UP!!!" She sits up with lightning speed and yells back, " WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO WAKE ME?!" She looks pissed but I actually find it pretty funny. "You're whore friend Sammi called, she wants to talk to you." "Okay, tell her i'm coming. And shes NOT a whore." At this point i'm walking back to the phone. I pick it up and say, "Shes on her way." -silence- "Ooh someones grumpy." "shutup." I laugh and hand the phone to Tiff. She gives me her famous what-am-i-going-to-do-with-you look. She walks back to her room, but she leaves the door open, so i naturally went to eavesdropping on her. But I couldn't hear her anymore.

Then she screamed. 




Sorry about that huge gap between chapters, We've been busy! We'll try to at least have a chapter up every day or two.

We also want to thank you all for reading this! It really means a lot to us! We spend a lot of time (when we have it) writing and revising everything so it can be put up in time. I never thought it was this time consuming! Lol, but i'll try to keep this short so again, thanks for your support and we promise to start updating more! Much love~Tiff&Bri<3

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