From Betrayal, There is Love.

Brianne and Tiffany Carver arrive at the house party of the year, and Drama is everywhere. When Tiffany meets the one and only Harry Styles and Brianne is set up with Niall, will they be able to handle the heat? Or will one person ruin it for everyone? *1D IS famous but Tiffany and Bri are chill about it and don't make it a Big deal.*


1. The Beginning

Bri's POV


Me and my sister Tiffany just finished our shifts at Summer Love when her boyfriend Aiden Loften-the tall, brown haired, brown eyed jock that every girl wants-appears almost out of no-where! "Hey Aiden! What brings you here?" Tiffany says, smiling. "I came to see you of course! I was going to surprise you with lunch but I got......Distracted." said  Aiden, with a smile just as big. Yeah, real believable Aiden. I thought as he glanced my way, "Uh, Brianne? Could we have a moment please?"

"Yeah, no problem..." As I start to walk away I hear him say, " So, Tiffany, about our date...." at this point I'm too far away to hear them. All of a sudden I hear a familiar voice "Bri?" Its my ex, Cody."Cody? Why are you here?" I ask as I attack him with a giant bear-hug. We haven't spoken in a couple months. "I was just heading home....wheres Tiffany? Doesn't she work here too?" Ugh. I knew he would ask about her "Shes off talking to Aiden." I say, shaking my head. He did the same "Damn, you'd think she would have dumped that douchebag awhile ago." "Pssh I wish! Shes just so oblivious sometimes...." I say sighing. I look over at him and see that his normally bright green eyes are....troubled.

He looks like he wants to say something but can't quite get it out. "Well, I'll uh...see you around Bri." He said as he started to walk away. "Cody wait!" I say. "I..." I stop for a second, to take in a sight i knew so well, his long Bieber style brown hair, his amazing green eyes, and his lean, athletic frame. "It was uh, nice see to see you." I struggle to get out, wanting to say so much more but not having the courage. He nods and heads off. I snap out of my trance to see that Tiffany and Adian are nowhere to be found. I look down at my phone to see a message from Tiff.  



Hey Bri(: I'll be here awhile. Can you get Cody to take you home?(:



Great. Cody just left, and I don't have a car. I'm so screwed....       




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