From Betrayal, There is Love.

Brianne and Tiffany Carver arrive at the house party of the year, and Drama is everywhere. When Tiffany meets the one and only Harry Styles and Brianne is set up with Niall, will they be able to handle the heat? Or will one person ruin it for everyone? *1D IS famous but Tiffany and Bri are chill about it and don't make it a Big deal.*


9. Oh wow...

Harry's POV

Wow shes hot. I walk into the kitchen and grab two cups. I wait for a minute so the guy in front of me can fill his cup. I get our drinks and start heading back towards the area where she said she would be. She was truly beautiful. Amazing grey eyes. A lean almost athletic build. And long curly brunette hair. Just beautiful. I finally push my through some people back to the couches. Shes nowhere in sight. Damn. I walk over to an end table to set the drinks down. Off I go then.

*an hour later*

Where could she possibly have gone? I've been searching for so long I've lost track of time. I pull out my phone and check what time it is. 10:30 huh? Then I notice I have a text. It's from Liam.



Harry! where are you? we have to go!


Shit. I have to find her before I go...


Tiff's POV

I look at myself one last time before coming out of the bathroom. I wonder if he's back yet. I walk back to the couch and find two drinks sitting on the table. I smile and pick one up. But where did he go? Oh well. I sit down and sip on my punch for a little bit. I feel someone sit beside me. "Hey come with me!" Sammi. Again. "Where are we going now?" I ask putting my drink down. "To the back room, I have a small group of people just chilling back there." I give her my best 'yeah right' face. "There's nothing illegal, I swear!" She says laughing. I relax a little, then it hits me. What if he comes back and I'm not there again? I push the thought out of my mind and start talking to Sammi. It only takes us like 2 minutes to get there. "And I said, 'hell yeah I'm drunk, whats it to ya!?'      hahaha" Sammi says opening the door. We both walk in laughing hard. As I laugh a little more, I look at who all is in the room. Kara, Austin, Jessica, Kim, Jacob, Olivia and some guy- "Aiden?" I can't believe it. They both look up surprised. Aiden is the first to get up. "Babe I-" "Don't 'Babe' me you asshole! What the hell!?" Now everyone is listening. "Just let me explain-" I'm pacing the room now. "Shut up! Oh my god. This is happening isn't it? Thousands of choices and you pick THIS slut?!" Now Olivia speaks. "Tiffany, just stop. You're getting crazy." Then I snap. "Oh I'M CRAZY? If you want crazy BITCH, I will GIVE you crazy." By this time I've lost all control. I walk over to where the two are now standing. Silence. I turn to Aiden, tears welling in my eyes. I slap him across the face. "That, is for canceling on me." *slap* "That, was for cheating on me. And this," *slap* "Is for picking that whore over me." He stays quiet the whole time. Not a single word. Olivia is beyond pissed. She starts to speak, but I cut her off. "And you. What the hell man? I though we were friends. Did I do something wrong? What the hell did I do to deserve this? Tell me." "You dumb bi-" "Wrong answer." Then I do it. I pull back my fist. And I punch her. Hard. Right in the nose. There's a collective gasp from the room as she screams and grabs her nose. I look down at my hand. It's bloody. I turn on my heel and stride towards the door. I stop and turn my head. "Oh, and Olivia. Don't worry about your stuff. It will be out in the yard by tomorrow morning." With that I walk out of the room. Once I get down the hall I make a run for the door. I run into someone and nearly knock them over. "Sorry." I just need to breathe. I run out the front doors into the rain and down the street a little until I get to my car. I pull the handle. It's locked. I reach down to my pocket. No. I pat my pockets. No. No. NO! My keys are inside... I look up to the sky and just yell. Yell until I get hoarse. I walk around my car and sit on the curb. After I sit down, I realize just how cold it is out here. I draw my legs towards me and wrap my arms around myself. The next thing I know I'm sobbing. Thinking about what just happened. I take my phone out of my pocket. "Of course it would be dead." I say to no one. I put it back in my pocket and sigh. "What are you doing out here?" It's him. I turn to him and I get my first good look at him. His green eyes and curly brown hair. He's kinda tall too. "I uh..." I sniff. "Hold on," He said taking off his Jacket. "I think you need this more than I do right now." He bends over and drapes the jacket over my shoulders. "Thanks." "No problem." He says sitting down next to me. "Now, tell me what happened." "Nothing happened." I say trying to hide my sobs but failing. "You wouldn't be out here crying if nothing happened." He said scooting closer. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me to his side. "Please?" He said looking down at me. I sniff once more and start the story. "...And now I'm sitting here." I finish, looking up at him. "What an asshole." He says looking back at the house then to me again. "And the worst part was that she was my friend. I mean, who does that?" "I don't know. But what I do know is that if I was him, I would never give up someone as beautiful as you." I smile and put my head on his shoulder. We talk like this for awhile. Getting to know each other, talking, laughing. That is, until Bri came. "Uh, Tiff? You forgot your-" We both look over at her. "stuff inside...did I interrupt something?" Me and Harry stand up quickly. "Uh, nope, not at all! Why are you out here?" I say pulling Harry's Jacket tighter around me. "Uhmm, because everyone is leaving? It's 2:30 in the morning." Harry tenses up. "2:30?!" He says looking at his phone. "I have to go!" He starts Running down the sidewalk. "uh...BYE!" I yell, hoping he hears me.    

He stops suddenly and runs back in our direction. I start walking towards him. We meet halfway. "I forgot something." He said looking me in the eyes. He puts his hands on my cheeks and pulls me into a kiss. Probably the best kiss I've ever had. He breaks it and pulls out his phone. "Here put your number in." I take the phone and type my name and number in quickly. "I'll text you okay?" He says starting to turn. "Okay." I say smiling. I turn too and run back to the car. Bri is already in and has it started. I slide into the drivers seat and close the door. "I'll explain everything when we get home." I say looking over at Bri. But I don't think that she hears me because shes off in her own world staring out the window. I pull out and drive her home. Wow. What a night. 

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