From Betrayal, There is Love.

Brianne and Tiffany Carver arrive at the house party of the year, and Drama is everywhere. When Tiffany meets the one and only Harry Styles and Brianne is set up with Niall, will they be able to handle the heat? Or will one person ruin it for everyone? *1D IS famous but Tiffany and Bri are chill about it and don't make it a Big deal.*


6. Are We There Yet?


Bri's POV:      


I love Saturdays! Ever since Tiff told me about that party yesterday I forgot all about Cody and I've had the jitters since! Its 7:30 and I have no idea what I'm going to wear! I finally throw some makeup and clothes in my bag. I fling the bag into the passenger side of my old blue Chevy. I plop myself into the drivers seat and start up the car in time to hear the chorus of Rocketship By Shane Harper. Dude! This is my jam! I crank it up and make my way to Tiff's House. Once I get there i see

that her and Olivia are getting ready. "Hey guys, I need your opinions." I say while pulling out my clothes. "What should I wear with these?" I hold up a pair of black skinny jeans. "Oooh! Those would look amazing with this!" Olivia says holding up an orange tank top. "No no, with THIS!" she says holding up a blue top. "Yeah! I like that!" Tiff says nodding her approval. "Ok, thanks guys!" I grab the outfit and walk to the bathroom. I come out five minutes later. "How do I look?"

I say doing a little twirl.  The girls both nodded their approval. The Shirt fluttered down when i sat on the couch. "Is this fine?" Tiff asks checking herself out in the mirror. " Yeah its fine." Olivia says, getting back to applying her makeup. Which I should probably get to doing. " It looks good." I say before bringing the tiny mirror up to my face. Tiffanys wearing a gray one-shoulder shirt with white skinnys and some cute flats. "Well, I don't need you guys to tell me I look good, I know I do." Cocky much? I look over at Olivia to see just exactly what she has on. I won't lie, she looks good. Shes wearing a short black dress with black high-heels.

Her golden hair is curled to perfection. "Yup." I hear Tiffany say. We sit like this for about another hour and decide its time to go. "Ok guys, we're taking my car!" Tiff says jingling the keys. "Sounds good!" Olivia says starting to walk towards Tiff's silver Stratus. "Why can't we take my truck?" I ask, already knowing the answer. "Uhm Bri....your car-" Tiff starts. "Truck." "Right, your truck is-" Suddenly Olivia cuts her off, "Its junk. We can't go to a party in THAT thing. Its like 80 years old!" "Its not THAT old..." I say defensively. "Guys! Shutup and come on!"  Good lord. Olivias cool and everything but jesus shes a bitch. "Finally." Olivia said rolling her eyes. We all pile in the car. The next thing I know, Tiffs got the music up loud.

It doesn't take me more than second to know what song this is. "Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like, we could go out any day any night, Baby I'll take you there take you there, Baby I'll take you there-" " Oh my god! I love this song!" Olivia screams. Then we all start singing obnoxiously the rest of the way there.





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