Embracing laughter

Patricia is just an ordinary girl, or maybe not. She has things happen around her that are not just odd but downright creepy. The days Patricia knew are about to change as a whole different kind of people meet her. Will she run to follow her heart or stay in the safe embrace of Salem.


12. ~Patricia

I wove my way through the pack of wolves carefully not spilling the water bowl. The birds around him made a path as I made my way to my wolf. "So what have you guys been up to?" I asked, to my surprise the largest one walked forward, it was the one that had started the attack on my poor wolf.

It barked a few times trying to tell me something, "Ha sucks I can't speak wolf yet but maybe if you guys stick around I'll learn." I said jokingly. But nearly every head turned to look at me. I laughed I was definitely going crazy, but I was determined to keep that to myself and the forest animals.

As I cleaned the blood off my wolf's fur I told them how ashamed their mothers must be of their manners. I also told stories, including my favorite one about my grandfather fighting off a bear, "The legend says that he went outside with no weapons of any kind to protect my grandmother and father. They heard tearing, bellows, and animalistic cries. He called them out and he had killed the bear, his clothes were torn to rags and he was bleeding all over. My father says that there were fresh bite marks in the bear but I don't believe him. He is probably just trying too hard to make it more interesting." I kept babbling stories about my family, then I remembered Peter when there was a particularly loud laugh and squeak.

Peter was laughing because he had caught a bird in his meaty little hands. The bird was tiny if he gripped even a little tighter he could kill him. I tried jumping like I had the last time but I didn't quite make it. My toes grabbed onto the trunk and my nails dug into the bark, it made me feel like a climbing spider. Peter jumped with surprise letting go of the bird, which flew a safe distance away . But Peter lost his careful seating and began to fall, I jumped at him. Cradling him in my arms as I fell backwards, all the wolves seemed to move at the same time to stop my fall. But my nimble toes had already caught a nick in the wood, I ran up the tree and did a flip landing on my feet.

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