Embracing laughter

Patricia is just an ordinary girl, or maybe not. She has things happen around her that are not just odd but downright creepy. The days Patricia knew are about to change as a whole different kind of people meet her. Will she run to follow her heart or stay in the safe embrace of Salem.


8. ~Patricia

I was so surprised that I outran a wolf and to top that I had jumped higher than ever before. When the birds started to gather I realized that I had drawn them to me because of my elation. I looked down at my giggling brother with love in my eyes. The birds were singing again, it was the most joyful thing I had ever heard. The wolves below just looked up at me with the oddest expressions.

I was surprised to say the least but I think they were even more so. Suddenly one huge wolf stepped out of the pack toward my wolf he growled at him. My wolf just stood there whimpering. I didn't know what to do.

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