Embracing laughter

Patricia is just an ordinary girl, or maybe not. She has things happen around her that are not just odd but downright creepy. The days Patricia knew are about to change as a whole different kind of people meet her. Will she run to follow her heart or stay in the safe embrace of Salem.


2. ~Patricia

Today started out as just a regular day. I woke with the dawn tiptoeing out to our pastures. Slipping my boots on outside being careful not to wake a soul. My parents don't approve of my leaving so early since it makes me seem strange and different. And right now, where I live, strange could get you killed.

My name is Patricia Whelps, I live on a farm with my parents and little brother. Our farm is quite old it has been passed on from generation to generation. We live in Massachusetts in a town called Salem.

I climbed onto the roof of our barn to watch the sunrise. But adventure was calling me so I crept down, almost falling, to the ground. Climbing was just one of those things that came naturally to me, so I never doubted my self. My nimble toes could find purchase on even the slightest nick.

My steps crunched as my bare feet stepped on dry leaves as I walked into the forest; meandering towards the small brook. When I arrived I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't alone. Dangling my toes in the water with my mind wandering it almost seemed that the brook was whispering its secrets to me. I briefly wondered what water would say it it could talk. I bet it would be pretty distracted seeing as how it was stretched so far and so thin over such a long distance.

Snapping twigs brought me out of my trance. I quickly looked around but seeing nothing I resumed my thoughts 'why was I so different from all the other kids? What made them so special?' If you asked me I thought I was more unique than all of them put together. Even the trees seemed to sway in agreement to my thoughts.

A breath on my shoulder made me freeze, out of the corner of my eye all I could see was a large shadow a small breeze brought the smell to me. It was earthy, smelling of wet dog and blood. I bit my tongue to keep from screaming.

The creature moved to stand not two feet from me and drink from the brook. It was a wolf, it seemed at least three times that of a coyotes size. It watched me with one huge black eye. The wolf's coat was either a dark brown or black, it was difficult to tell in the shaded light.

I watched as blood washed off its muzzle. Turning to look at me full on it looked almost sad to have frightened me. Slowly thawing, I moved my hand toward it. Putting his head in my hand he looked almost rejoiceful.

"Hey boy," I said. He wagged his tail, "you aren't as big and mean as I thought you were. You are quite nice for a wild dog." My voice seemed to calm him. He laid down next to me leaning into my side.

His fur was course but soft I realized that I had always wanted a dog. Someone to talk to when everyone else shut me out. So I told him about everything.

"Most people think I'm strange, but you don't do you? In all honesty this is probably one of the nicest conversations I've had all week. You see I don't really have many friends-oh how terribly rude of me! My name is Patricia Maria Whelps..." I babbled while combing my fingers through his fur.

"Maybe I should give you a name...hmm. How about Henry? Charles? Tomas? John? Harold?" I broke off laughing. "Harold? Why did I say that you look nothing like a Harold! How about something less generic like Fluffy or Blackie? No way any of those will work for you!" I continued to rattle off names but none suited him. All too soon the sun was rising too high above us and it was time for me to head home.

"Well I have to get going, I would take you home with me but my parents would freak." I took my dripping feet out of the slow running water to stand. He stood as well, "I'm normally here at dawn but well you can't understand me anyhow." I had I feeling that I might not ever see him again. As I walked home he trod at my heels, the birds were flying about as usual stopping nearby on branches to sing some even dared to land on my shoulder. The wolf looked confused but I was used to it, another strange thing about me is animals are drawn to me.

There is a long list of 'special' things about me and it all started when I was really little so I won't get into it, it's a really long story. We reached the edge of the woods where it lead out to my farm. Since I was already being silly I told him, "well this is it, thanks for walking me home."

He looked at me for a moment then trotted off into the forest. That's quite odd almost like he understood...' I thought to my self. I grabbed wildflowers on my way inside for an excuse making a bouquet. I sat down on a stump near our house, my mother called and I waved from the stump. "Come on up to the house, I making biscuits and eggs for breakfast." She called, beckoning me to the house. I smiled and made my way inside, knowing that I had yet another secret to keep.

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