Embracing laughter

Patricia is just an ordinary girl, or maybe not. She has things happen around her that are not just odd but downright creepy. The days Patricia knew are about to change as a whole different kind of people meet her. Will she run to follow her heart or stay in the safe embrace of Salem.


9. ~Jesse

"How long did you know? How could you have kept this from us from me!" Beckett shouted at me.

I glanced up at Patricia, "Know what! I don't know what is going on! I knew she was different but I wasn't sure how different." I tried to say but it came out as a squeak, I was terrified, I had disobeyed the orders of the alpha.

He ignored my quiet comment and kept raving. "If the humans knew, they would hang her with the innocents! How could you keep this from me; ME! I'm the one who saved you before your parents tried to kill you, did you think I wouldn't find out!" He just kept going with the whole pack watching.

When he finally had cooled off a little he looked me in the eye instead of pacing, "You know there must be a punishment, I cannot let you walk away with no penance for what you could have cost us, if she were not one of us."

I bowed my head in submission, he lunged at me and his teeth tore into my flank. My body felt as if it were on fire, I was slowly losing conscience... Goodbye Patricia maybe another lifetime. Just as I was fading the pain went away, the birds were going crazy swarming around me like a barrier.

Patricia stood by me, her brother still in the tree being entertained by a dozen or so birds. How was this possible? I felt so confused, but I fought for conscience knowing that if I fainted I would shift. The pain was getting to be more numb than before I knew that my wound was healing I used every last drop of my will to make sure that the wound didn't mend on the outside but it wasn't working. It already healed before she looked at it though, she kind of frowned but she smiled when she looked at me.

She said some quiet words in a language I had never heard before but the birds stopped and some landed on her while others landed in nearby trees. Right did I forget to mention that these weren't just bluejays, chickadees, and red robins but eagles, owls, ravens, vultures, and hawks. The sight was both terrifying and mesmerizing.

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