Embracing laughter

Patricia is just an ordinary girl, or maybe not. She has things happen around her that are not just odd but downright creepy. The days Patricia knew are about to change as a whole different kind of people meet her. Will she run to follow her heart or stay in the safe embrace of Salem.


7. ~Jesse

I couldn't understand why I had done it but I had her little brother in my teeth. I held him gingerly as I ran looking for a place to hide him. I heard her yelling at me and running after me then all I heard was rushing feet, must have been more than half the pack behind us. I could hear Beckett distinctly yelling after me, he was our Alpha.

But I had to save Patricia. War waged in my mind, save the girl who was unlike anyone I have every met, or obey the man who saved my life... Patricia definitely wasn't human but they would need to stop and listen but they weren't going to.

I'm not sure what happened or how but Patricia sped past me grabbing her brother out of my jaws and jumping onto a branch ten feet above the ground.

Birds gathered around her and the wolves behind me went silent. I chanced a look at them but they were just as awestruck as me.

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