Me, Myself and I also 1 direction


1. Velentine

Me, Myself and I

So there's this girl called Marie Elizabeth Campbell, she became a star on the 21st June 1993, she flutters her lashes over her Hazel eyes, she then twiddles with her long brown hair, she  looks down from the height of 5ft 2, she drops until she drops for size 10, She currently stands as single, hoping Liam will do something about that and then she falls under the stars of a Gemini.

I'm 19 and I've never had a valentine, sad I know but it doesn't mean I don’t think about what I would like for my valentines, I don’t see myself as a romance person but every girl needs a bit of romance and get sweep of their feet and then fall suddenly in their arms and that’s what every girl dreams off on their valentines, well most of them.

I'm not looking for an expensive day out something that’s fun and not to serious just enjoying the day out, I like Liam out of 1 direction but for that to happen would be a miracle because to me why would a celebrity go out with a regular girl who doesn’t have any talents and Liam probably likes regular girls but it must seem weird to go out with one because you don't know if girls want to go out with Liam and the rest of the one direction for fame or do they truly like them for who they are not just because there your favorite singers because you enjoy spending time with them and get along and be yourself around them.

I don’t have clue what Liam is into or what he would like to eat but he looks amazing but is that enough to get a valentines date with him well I hope so because then I can see for myself how funny he is and what he is into, but I do promise if I get this chance I will treat him like a regular guy and I won’t give him special treatment because he's famous because that isn’t my style.

I was seeing if any of my friends would like to come out shopping but they were too busy so I ended up going on my own into Manchester and I bought lots of clothes and as I walked out the shop I bumped into Liam and dropped all my bags and one of my bags split open on the floor and how embarrassing it was my lingerie fell out of the bag in front of Liam I looked up looked at my bag and said wow this is embarrassing and then Liam say nice colour, I grabbed all my stuff together  and stood up and then said thanks blue’s my favorite colour wow out of all the things I said is that it had to be blue my favorite colour ha-ha what was I thinking and Liam just burst out laughing and said do you fancy to get something to eat, I said yeah sure but where’s the rest of the 1 direction crew and he said there all out and that’s why I bumped into because I was meeting them all back up, I was like I thought you would all be together that’s why I was surprise to see you on your own well set for these to bouncer walking next to you and Liam said you do know were all not attached to the hip ha-ha and don’t worry about these bouncers and I said yeah I know and the bouncers seem bit scary see the size of their muscles don’t start on them right, so Liam says well are you coming for something to eat all this talking making me hungry, yeah sure lets go.

 To be continued…..

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