The Unexpected Love of a not so popular Emo

this is my entery for the one direction contest...its really just for a friend....even though they are kind of cute


1. The Beginning Of the Sweetest love possible

I was never the most popular girl, Not the most like or the most well known. I was hated by everyone, In till that one special someone came along...and well...this is our story. 

      I was walking in the school, a lass everyone stared, of course, i was the emo girl no one cared about, and tried there hardest just to put down. It Sucks! I got dirty looks from everyone i accidently looked up at...I shook from the bitterness of their glances. A few of them laughed, a few of them threatened to kill was all the same...none of it phased me...i was as empty and emotionless as a rock. I finally ended up in class, there was a new blonde boy there, i didn't ask him for his name, or even look at him for more then a glance, even me slightly speaking to him, would screw his intired high school life. The Teacher Saved him the embarassment of having to introduce himself...this class went by as usual...but i kept having this feeling that someone was watching me, nevertheless i ignored it. The day went by very fast, and before i could grip reality, i was in lunch, sitting at my normal table, alone, even the tables around me were scares of people. Then i saw that new boy walk in, he took a look around and spotted me, i quickly looked down, my face burned from embarassment. Then i felt a presence beside me and looked up, it was him. "Hi" His Irish accent burned threw my deepest walls i had built up in my mind. " Hi..." i managed to choke out. " Why are you alone?" he spoke again, sounding sincere and innocent. " because i'm not excepted around the other people." i whispered. He scoffed and shook his head " that's stupid!" He said, clearly angered by what i had told him. " i'm Naill by the way, what's your name?"I blushed at his request, this question was never asked of me, no one cared for who i was what i was doing. " Mizu...nice to meet you, Naill," i whispered. He chuckled at my clear embarassment.  

     The rest of the day went by extremely fast, Naill and I had quickly become best friends, and i even bore a crush for this sweet hungry guy. Later, I had been sitting in the old abandon park close to my house, alone. then a familiar presence sat in the swing beside me. " why is it that every time i see you, your alone?" He said, of course it was Naill. " I guess i'm just use to it," I spoke, but then something unexpected happened, he grabbed my hand and whispered," Well that's a horrible thing to be...espectially on valentines day,"  It was Valentines Day, I had forgotten, it was never a special day for me to want to remember " Mizu, do me a favor?" he spoke with innocence and sincerity. I nodded and waited for his request, " will you always be mine?" He whispered. I Nodded and said" always Naill"  

That's how we  Became a couple, We stayed together, even though he started One Direction, he went on the road a lot, and we became disconnected, we stopped calling because we both agreed that it was too hard on us to try to keep the relationship going, then he toured in the town we had met, i still lived in it, even though it's been years. I went to his concert, for support, even though we weren't still together, i loved him with a burning passion. He spotted me during a song and completely stopped. He pulled me up stage and proposed, Of Course i said yes.


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