Nobody Compares (Louis Tomlinson FanFiction)

Sydne Is 17 years old and lives with her little sister Kendall (7) older brother luke(22)here om dad died in a car crash when Ryley was just 15 Kenall was only 4 when they died. Luke was 24 . Sydne and Kendall are abused by Luke. they finally run away and meet 5 lovely boys.


2. Vanish

I was on my bed and i heard a noise from my 7 year old sisters room. i felt like running,grabbing and jumping out the window. But i knew that wasnt going to happen. Ive dreamed of having a normall childhood.My parents died in a car crash when i was 15,My sister kendall was 5 and my older brother Luke was 22. Since then we have been living with luke who abuses me and kendall...


            **FLASHBACK 2 YEARS AGO**

Moms P.O.V "okay kids we will be back before 9" i knew this would be the last time i would be seeing my kids. My husband beat me and i never told anyone because he threatened to kill my kids. I told my son luke and my husband found out. i begged him too just kill me instead. He agreed. what a gentlemen..not. i said goodbye to them with tears building up in my eyes i knew i would look suspicious so i didnt. My kids would be without a mom and dad. and they would think the car crash was an acident.

Sydnes P.O.V my mom looked sad when she left. i wondered why she was acting like that. i took my headphones out of my ears and heard my sister singing loudly. i got up and walked down the hall and into her room and saw one direction posters everywhere.i didnt get why millions of girls were crying and obsessing over 5 boys.We lived in Doncaster and there was allways mobs of the boys apparently lived close by.louis i think his name was.My little sister is only 5 and she shouldnt be obsessing over these boys. "Kendall can you turn this god-awfull music off and turn on some real music" i explained. "make me" was all she said while popping her gum and turning it up louder. the sass the little girl has. i walked out and decided i should be fighting with a 5 year old 'Ring Ring' i grabbed the home phone. It was the police dept. after a minute i dropped the phone. i could take in what i just heard.


Sydnes P.O.V i heard my door open but i was too busy playing with the blood pouring from my forarm drawing circles on my hand. "im going too the store dont move or you will be sorry"luke saidand sut the door. i waited till i heard his enging drive away. i ran out of my room and into kendalls grabbed her bag and started packing. "why are you packing sissy" she said with confusion."were getting out of here" she grabbed her stuffed bunny my mom gave her before she died.i went into my romo and packed shirts and jeans and my black vans. i never wore makeup so i didnt have to worry about that. we grabbed our bags and headed for the road. i knew luke was going to be back soon so we ran. we sat under a tree far from our house and fell asleep***


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