Nobody Compares (Louis Tomlinson FanFiction)

Sydne Is 17 years old and lives with her little sister Kendall (7) older brother luke(22)here om dad died in a car crash when Ryley was just 15 Kenall was only 4 when they died. Luke was 24 . Sydne and Kendall are abused by Luke. they finally run away and meet 5 lovely boys.


3. New Home

no ones P.O.V it was morning and a lady down the street was stretching for her morning run.

Sydnes P.O.V i woke up to the sounds of birds chirping.there was a lady walking towards me and i turned around and she said "Hi are you two kids okay" the lady said confused. "um yea we dont really have anywere to go" i said not wanting to tell her what happend but of course her reply was "What happened?" ugh was i going to have to tell her my parents died in a car crash and i was abused by my brother luke for 2 years. "i rather not talk about maam" i said with frustration. "okay well how about you two come in with me till you get everything worked out" im not going to lie but the lady was very nice and caring."okay my name is sydne and this is my little sister kendall" "Hi sydne Hi kendall my name is Joanna" she said bending down to kendall height. we walked to her house wich wasnt that far down the street. she showed us around her house and i noticed a open bedroom with men clothes and stuff. "um joanna whos room is this?" i asked her "oh thats my sons room.hes not hoom right now hes with his band mates" she said i didnt think much of it so i just said "okay". she led kendall to her room and told me too look around upstairs for a room. i walked into her sond room and looked around. i was very nosey. i saw papers on his bedside table and read the name 'Louis Tomlinson' i staired at it for a minute. i cant believe i was in louis tomlinsons room. like i said im not a directioner or whatever you call them but the 5 boys were handsom. i noticed i would be living with him and joanna for a while till luke finds us. i went to a room next door and it had light purple walls a light puple flowered bed sheets and a light blue table. i loved the colors so i put my bag down next to the bed. i was really tired so i fell asleep**

Sydnes P.O.V i woke up to the sound of a car door being shut i noticed there was a window so i got up walked across the cold floor and looked out to see a very handsom boy get out of a car and walk to the front door. i sat on my bed and took my phone out. '

'message from naema

'missed call from naema

'new message from naema

naema was my bestfriend. she was the only one who knew about luke. my named was called from downstairs and i opened the door and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen "Sydne this is my son louis" she said. i looked to see the most gorgouse boy standing beside her with a smile on his face he let out his hand and said "hi love im louis" i shook his hand and said "sydne,nice to meet you" i was caught in his beautiful eyes. "okay well i have to go to the store and get stuff i will take kendall" "okay thanks joanna" i said. leaving me and louis standing there he finally said "why dont you go upstaris and get into your pajamas i looked at the time and didnt notice i slept till 9:00 oclock at night. "Oh my gosh pajamas how could i forget to pack them" i said not noticing i was talking out loud. "thats okay you can borrow something of mine" louis said. he was so cute with his blue eyes. we walked upstairs and into his room he doug through his clothes and gave me a tshirt and gym shorts. "thanks" i said while walking out of his room. "Goodnight sydne" he said with a tremble in his voice "night louis" i smiled to myself and shut his door i walked into my room and got under the sheets and there was a million thoughts running through my head. i dozed off.**** Hi guys:) what do you think? i will update soon coment down below what you think should happen next

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