Nobody Compares (Louis Tomlinson FanFiction)

Sydne Is 17 years old and lives with her little sister Kendall (7) older brother luke(22)here om dad died in a car crash when Ryley was just 15 Kenall was only 4 when they died. Luke was 24 . Sydne and Kendall are abused by Luke. they finally run away and meet 5 lovely boys.


4. Falling...HARD

Louis P.O.V

she was beautifull i couldnt stop thinking of her.the fact she was next door made me want to go and cuddle up next to her. i texted harry

me:hey man,theres a girl stayin with us for crushing her name is sydne

Harry:awesome man maybe i can come by need to get over elanor. whats she look like?

i thought about that awfull breakup with eleanor (i love lou and el together this is just for the story). she was to controlling. she was using me for fame. then the next part of the message. what she look like?

Me: she was gorgeuse she long blonde wavy blonde hair and she went up to my chest. she had green eyes but i noticed they changed colors cause when i met her she had green but when i gave her some pjs they were blue. she had that surfer attitude and she looked like a surfer,

Harry:thats great man. she seems hot ;)

Me:harry....SHES MINE

Harry:i know man just messing with ya.xx byeee

i shut my phone off and put it by my bed. i got up grabbed some sweats and a shirt and changed i hurd groaning from next door and decided to take a look and i walked out taking tinny tiptoe steps. to sydnes room i looked in and entered she looked so peacefull. they way she had her eyes shut and her hair laying over her sholder. and she was in my clothes.that was the best part. i wanted to kiss her but i just met the girl. i walked out and went back to my bed. i was extremely tired from recording so i went to bed.xxxx

sorry for the short chapter but i wanted to upload at least something

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