My Valentine Nightmare

1shot41d competition entry


1. Life Sux sometimes...

OMG!!! I was like..ER whAT EVR!! I just checked my mailbox and i only got 6 valentines so far!!  its so unfair I AM the best looking girl in school sux A LOT sometimes,  I decided to dress in the hottest clothes I could reasonably get away with for school and 30 minutes later I eventually left for school in a very short grey pleat skirt and obscenely tight white blouse, well if that doesn't get me valentines i don't know what will...:)

As i approached the school I caught up with Larissa Bentworth my ultimate top bessiiie mate we high fived and gave each other props for the gorgeousness of our outfits thats when i spotted stinky duncan, her real name is Sam but we always call her that cos she's poor and from a single parent family and her mom can't afford to get her designer gear "Hey SsS..tinky" how can you you be seen OUT in those disgusting shoes?? they're so last century uugh and they smell like rotten cheese urgh you're so disgusting.. Larissa and I then laughed so much we nearly wet ourselves,  Stinky Duncan then tried to leave hastily and tripped over one of the laces from her grotesque shoe's again ...Hahaha....Larissa and I couldn't stop ourselves we were rolling around laughing SSooo much it hurt much in fact that we didn't notice that a stunning white stretch hummer had been parked nearby and just after Sam fell.. it's door opened to reveal One Directions Harry Styles OMG!!!!.. Larissa and I were so gobsmacked we just stood gawking and staring at him ..we had both been huge 1D fans for ages and I like ALWAYS knew that one day Harry would just see me and immmediately fall in love with me..  except.. he hadn't...??  he had looked at me but in a strange and not particularly pleasant way ..  and now there he was walking right past me!!..huh!!??

Harry went straight over to Sam and smiled at her in that soft gentle way he does, he then bent down to speak to her and they both laughed, he helped her up and in front of the whole school he escorted her to his car and helped her in,  the door shut and that was it gone...

I found out the next day that he had taken her to his private jet and they had had a romantic meal together, before his chauffeur dropped her back to school with his phone number a dozen red roses and a promise that next time he's in town he'll take her out again..

As I said before life sux A LOT sometimes......

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