The Magic Pen

Lily-Ann inherits a rather normal looking pen from her grandmother, who recently passed away. Lily-Ann isn't very keen on writing however she loves to draw but when she decides to use her new pen to create a master piece something spectacular happens!


2. The Forgotten Child

Lily-Ann was in her Granny's bedroom, running her fingers across the familiar dressing table and chest of draws. As she was sifting through a stationary box, she came across a pen, it looked rather normal however it had a sticky note on it. Written on the note it said 'For Lily-Ann'. Lily-Ann began to shake as she picked up the pen and stared at her Granny's beautiful writing.

After everyone had finished looking around, they all sat at the grand dining table eating Sunday lunch. Everyone had been left something, something special but to Lily-Ann it seemed to her she had been left with nothing. Just a pen, a boring pen. She suddenly felt upset, it seemed like the Granny she had loved so much had never felt the same way about her. It was as if she had been stabbed in the heart, she ran from the table crying. Everyone exchanged worried looks as Julie left the table to go find Lily-Ann.

Lily-Ann explain to her mum why she was so upset. Julie tried to comfort her but it was impossible, Lily-Ann was to upset and nobody could comfort her. She ended up going to bed tears streaming down her cheeks.

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