The Evergreen

"Phoebe, remember one thing for me, alright? If you ever need me, and i'm not there to hold your hand, i'll be under the Evergreen, always."


3. Years ago: Phoebe

It was like any other day, until my mom told me we had to move... Dad got a new job in London, Great.

I packed my bags, i'm 18 i could just stay here but something is telling me to go, to travel, try something new. I stumbled downstairs and grabbed an apple for breakfast. My mother was waiting for me with my dad and older brother. "Hey, brat." I turned to my brother and stuck out my tongue, he just laughed. "Oh very mature, Fee" I smiled at my nickname. "Have you packed yet?" my mother asked hesitantly knowing i don't want to leave. "Yep, ready to go." I put on a fake smile and sat across from my brother. "You could just stay here, you know." My father mumbled. "I know, but i thought about it...." i turned to my brother and gave him a cheeky smile "If Nick can stay with us till hes 20, why can't i?" I giggled. "Hey! its a choice, fee." He defended. I stood up laughed and walked back up to my bedroom. I sat on my bed breathing in all the memories, laughing and the dent in my wall from Everett hitting his head when he fell over. Crying at the crack in my wall from Thomas punching it while i tried to calm him down. "Fee, we're leaving!" My brother hollered from the living room. I took one last look around my room before leaving for London. 

The plane ride was alright, I've never been on a plane before so i was quite nervous. I say useless facts when i'm nervous like how Bananas aren't Berries and how most people smile when they're frustrated. The car stopped and my mom turned to my brother and i "We're here." I looked out the window and my mouth dropped open. The outside of the house was beautiful, i saw a balcony on the second story. I stepped out of the vehicle and my dad passed my brother and i some keys. We looked at each other and raced to the door, "Rooms!" we yelled stumbling up the stairs he ran past a door to the end of the hallway and yelled "Mine! Back off!" I smiled and opened the door in the middle of the hallway, the room was beautiful with hard dark wood flooring and white walls with black trim. Then i saw a door, i walked over and opened it. The balcony, its gorgeous. The view is amazing. 

"Whoa! Fee! wanna trade?" i turned around to see my brother eyeing my room. 

"No thanks."

"Please?! mine is really cool too!"

"No thanks, Nickolas" Knowing he hates it when i call him that.

"Fine then, Phedora." 



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