The Evergreen

"Phoebe, remember one thing for me, alright? If you ever need me, and i'm not there to hold your hand, i'll be under the Evergreen, always."


4. Years Ago: Freddie

I looked out my window and saw her, a beautiful girl with long brown hair. A man handed her and another lad some keys and they darted towards the house. "Mum!" I yelled downstairs "Freddie, mum isn't here what do you want?" My annoying sister Angela asked walking up the stairs, i led her to my room and pointed out the window to the people carrying furniture. Suddenly the girl walked out onto the balcony and smiled, then darted around and started talking to someone. "Wanna go say hello?" Asked Angela nudging my arm i looked down and nodded.

We walked across the street, just in time to, a woman was about to drop a lamp but i caught it. "Oh thank you." she smiled at me, she wasn't from here, she had an american accent. "s'alright." i replied placing the lamp more securely in her arms. "I'm Freddie, and this is my sister Angela." i said turning to my sister "Lovely to meet you, how old are you kids?" Angela took the time to answer the question "I'm 18, and Freddie here is 21." The woman smiled "I have an 18 year old daughter, and a 20 year old son." I smiled when she mentioned her daughter. "Want some help?" i offered pointing to the moving van "Oh, yes, sure." I moved towards the van and grabbed a coffee table, walking inside the house was beautiful, the kitchen was stainless steel with white marble counter tops. I set the table down in front of a couch and turned to see her standing in front of me with her brother towering over her. "Um.. hello." she said confused, i chuckled. "Oh darling, this is Freddie he's lives across the street, he and his sister offered to help." As if on cue Angela walked in carrying a lamp and set it down on a table. "Hello" she said shyly. "I'm Phoebe and this is Nickolas." The girl said smiling at me, her brother playfully hit her arm and corrected her "I'm Nick, this is Phedora." she punched his side and we all laughed. 

"Call me Phoebe."

"Call me Nick." 

Angela and I nodded our heads and continued to help with the moving. 

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