The Evergreen

"Phoebe, remember one thing for me, alright? If you ever need me, and i'm not there to hold your hand, i'll be under the Evergreen, always."


2. Prologue: Freddie

June, 10th.

My youth is far behind me, and i find myself wondering all the time if she remembers me, us?   I'm 63 years old, and thinking about a woman i haven't seen since i was 23. I don't know if she's alive, if she even goes to the Evergreen anymore... The Evergreen... The tree that hold all of our precious memories within its roots. What happened to us? I ask myself this everyday, why did i leave? another question that runs through my aged mind daily. I remember the way she said my name, how she blushed when i smiled at her, how her fingers fit perfectly between mine. The way she walked... does she even remember?  


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