My Dream Valentine! (1D)

Only one chapter to the competition.

Sarah has never been on a date for Valentine, she hates to be alone, so she decides to go for a walk, and falls over someone she has a big crush on.


1. My Valentine.

Why is it, that I always have to be the loner. Like seriously, I am forever alone forever.. I know it makes no sense, but really.. It has to change.


"Sarah, go for a walk instead of looking at Zayn Malik.." my sister yelled, I sighed and got of the computer, I grabbed my jacket and shoes, I took on the shoes and tied the laces. I took on the jacket, and walked out the door, I am a rich kid, that hates to be a rich kid.


I took the old way to the park, no one really took this way anymore. So much silence! I always listened to the sound of the wind in the trees, the birds songs. I was not in a great mood, I have to say, but really it is the 14th of February, and I have no date, again this year.. I am going to die as a 89 year old virgin with 52 cats.. I guess Harry Styles would love that!


I could see the park, and saw that it was empty. Loneliness wuuu... Not so much! I walked in, and looked around, maybe I should just start digging.. Then I could die alone, now.. Instead of with 52 cats.. I walked to the lake, and walked out on the little bridge, it was old but could carry me. "Uhm.. Excuse me? Do you know where I am?" a boy asked, I turned around and nearly fell in the little lake.


He grabbed my hand and pulled in it so I wouldn't fall in. "Thank you" I whispered. He smiled and I nearly died "You are Zayn Malik!" I said, he smiled and nodded "Yeah, uhm... Happy Valentines day.." he said, and smiled even bigger "Are you here alone" he asked, I just nodded "No date?" he said with a surprised looked, I shook my head "No." I said. "That is.. surprising.." he said, and walked in from the bridge "Yeah.. no one will.. you know date me?" I said, I followed him and smiled shyly.


"I would" he said, kicking to a rock "Yeah right.. you are Zayn Malik" I said, and sighed "Go on a date with me, be my Valentine!" he said, and turned around. "Wow.. really?" I asked, he just nodded. "Okay." I said, he smiled and grabbed my hand pulling me after him. "I thought you didn't know where we were?!" I said. "All the time, just needed to.. to start a conversation." he said, I blushed, and he waved.


A car pulled up, and he opened the door "Please my lady, get in!" he said and made a bow. "Sure my sir!" I said and got in the car, he was right behind me. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Surprise" he just said and smiled, grabbing my hand. I was... happy, I had my first Valentine, and it is Zayn Malik.


The car stopped, and he got out, helping me out too, it was magic.. or not really a building that was falling apart, he grabbed my hand pulling me after him into the building. He covered my eyes and whispered in my ear "It doesn't look like much, but wait!" He opened a door and pushed me in to a room gently. "Light!" he said. He removed his hands and there on a stage was a table for two, a violist, and a piano player. It was beautiful.

"wow" I said, all I said was wow! What is wrong with me? "Come!" he said, the music played and he pulled out a chair for me, he helped me in to the table and sat down. "I hope it is okay!" he said. "Are you kidding me?" I asked, he smiled and blushed a little. "It is perfect!" I said. He smiled even more and looked me straight in the eyes. I was gone in the eyes. The food was placed in front of us and after we finished eating, the dessert came on. "Chocolate ice cream!" I said, he nodded and smiled. "It was Niall that chose the menú" he said. "It is not a shock!" I said, he laughed and looked at me again.


"Sarah.. It may sound strange, but.. I have been watching you for some time, not the stalker kind of way.. I don't even know where you live.. I just saw you in the park, and I felt like I needed you!" he said. I was shocked. "You have been... watching.. ME?" I asked, like it was unrealistic. "Yes... I don't know why, but you.. you just fell in my eyes, and since that day.. I have been returning to the park every chance I had!" he said.


It made me smile. "It is hard to imagine, that it is me you are talking about." I said, and moved a little in my chair. He laughed and moved closer "Why is that so hard?" he asked. "I am not popular in my family, nor the beauty. My sister is filling that chair quite well." I said. "Well.. I have seen your sister, and you are so much more beautiful!" he said. I just smiled and stared in his eyes, he smiled and his face moved closer, suddenly our lips were touching and this.. this was really magic!

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