The lucky one

When Emily's mum and dad split up she gets bullied lots and has no one until she moves and finds her best friend Jamie
Soon she finds the person she loves Niall!


4. where to live and shopping spree!

Emilys P.O.V

i cant believe im going out with niall as long as i have him and jay in my life its complete! we drove to my house with my mum and we hung out there for a while. we sat on the coach and watched tv he sang in my hair "You can't play on broken strings
You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel
I can't tell you something that ain't real"i looked up at him and grabbed his hand and pulled him to my room i sat him on my bed and i put on some music then sat next to him.We moved closer and i leaned on his shoulder "Em...."he said "yea babe? what is it?"i asked "will you move into my flat with me?"Of course!" i said and huged him tight he kissed my forhead and i smiled loads i looked up to him and kissed him passionatley he did the same we ended up in my bed asleep



i woke up on nialls chest he was still asleep i woke him up by kissing his lips his eyes shot open and kissed me back we pulled away and he yawned and said"morning bab" i replyed the same we went down the stairs hand in hand and Liam,Danielle,Harry,Zayn and perrie and jay with lou! i screamed "how the hell did you lot get here?!" i hugged them all and Harry said "asked niall" i turned round to niall i said "you did this?!" he said "yup" i ran over to hug him but he picked me up and kissed me we all went to get breakfast and i got changed with niall -yes with him we are dating and im moving in with him today so its fine he did his hair spiked up so to wind him up i ran up to him and messed it up "hey"he yelled i legged it down the stairs and he chassed me through the house i hid pehind perrie and zayn and i lost him he sneeked up behind me and grabbed my waisted i screamed and tryed to get out but he was to strong!He put me on the floor and ran to the room to sort his hair out everyone laughed at me and perrie helped me up



Nialls P.O.V

"right thats it your now living here miss wilson"i said to her she giggled and went upstairs "uh babe" she yelled "yea" i said walking into the room "i need more clothes"she said, thats when dan,jay and perrie came rushing in and screamed "shopping spree!" i laughed and hugged them all i let go and went to niall "wanna come?"i asked "na im not gonna ruin your fun"he replied "ok babe" i said kissing him loads

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