The lucky one

When Emily's mum and dad split up she gets bullied lots and has no one until she moves and finds her best friend Jamie
Soon she finds the person she loves Niall!


3. The kiss

Nialls P.O.V

she ran to the sea and i chased her then picked her up and we kissed.When we kissed i felt my stomach do summersolts over and over again,i loved her so much we were so close and she was beutiful with her shorts brown hair flowing down with her dark terquoise eyes.When we pulled away everyone ran into the sea to us and Emily screamed as they splashed us,i put emily on my back and said "hold on!"she screamed and held on tight and i splashed them all!


When we all dried of we went back to mine and Jamie and louis went home "you think they're a thing?" Em asked me i laughed and nodded then kissed her she put her head on my chest and we fell asleep on the coach.



Emilys P.O.V

i woke up to find niall not there i got up and found him in the kichen eating "not a surprise your eating!"i laughed and he shot around on the chair.I went to get some breakfast and he came to me and put his hands on my waist "so whatcha wanna do today babe?" he asked with his cute irish accent "umm i dont mind what do you want to do babe?" i said and grabbed the milk and sat down.

"well wanna go to yours and hang out there?"he asked i nodded and finished my breakfast and went to get changed

"SHIT" I said not realising how loud i said it niall came rushing in and said "whats wrong?!"i dont have any clothes ill have to wear what i wore yesterday"isaid i grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom just when i was about to close the door Niall opened it and said"will you be my girlfriend?!" my mouth opened in shock and i screamed and said "YES" i kissed him on the lips and went to get changed

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