The lucky one

When Emily's mum and dad split up she gets bullied lots and has no one until she moves and finds her best friend Jamie
Soon she finds the person she loves Niall!


2. Lunch and meeting someone

I go to the cafeteria with Jamie and I take half the food,Jamie looks at me "really?!" She laughs "what I'm alway hungry!" We go to the table and a boy sits near us I look up with my face full of food I search for a tissue and spit my food out and he looks at me."hey"he says
I feel like I have seen him before when I was 2 but then we got seperated with my parents splitting up
I'm now 14 so it was a while ago then I say to him "NIALL?!" "EM?!" I stand up and hug him and kiss his cheek Jamie was confused I told her about him then she realised.
It was the end of lunch so I go with Niall home we run to my room and sit on the bed my pone rang I answered it and jay said "get your stuff ready its time to go to the beach!" I get all my stuff and then I realise Niall is still here I ask him if he wants to come he says yea and gets his stuff I then realise how am I gong to get there?
Then I realise Niall is 17 so I get in his car and we drive I hold his hand walking down and take of my top and shorts just wearing a purple and white bikini
I run into the water with Niall coming after me and he picks me up and kisses my cheek we look into eachothers eyes and we kiss I loved this boy I wouldn't let I'm go this time
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