Interlocking Hearts

Aubree's life never was normal. But when her and her mum move too England, well it gets weirder. Her mum is an interviewer. When she interviews hit boy band One Direction, Aubree falls head over hells.will this be a love that lasts?


3. The Call

 Louis P.O.V

      We head back to our flat. "Ok Lou tell me, who was that girl that you were chasing in the parking lot?" Liam asks me. I just shrug and look at the paper she gave me with her number and read her name. Aubree, sounds as beautiful as her. I enter her number into my Droid really quick. Then, I crumple the paper and throw it out. A text lights up the screen. It's from Aubree.

       *itallic = text message*

    Hi Louis! :] - Aubree

    Hello - Louis

    Wanna grab a coffe tonight? - Aubree

     Sure. Pick you up at 7:00? - Louis

     Cya. Adress is 17 Fairview drive - Aubree

         Cya Then - Louis

Aubree P.O.V

       I run upstairs and change into jean shorts, a white tank and a gray denim jacket. I brush out my hair and put on a headband. I quickly applie some mascara and blush, and slip into black Toms. By now it is 6:30, so I decide to watch a movie. At 7:00 I hear a knock on the door. I open it to see Louis standing there. He is in a red tee shirt and jeans. I look down and see that he is wearing black Toms to. "Nice shoes." I say.

He looks down and sees my Toms. I slip them off and put on some mocasins instead. He walks me to his Prius, and I climb into the passanger seat. When he turns on the radio, Moments comes on. Before I know what I'm doing, I am singing the whole song by heart. He joins in some times, and in awhile we are singing most of their songs. Even if they did not come on the radio.

Louis P.O.V

     Wow, she has a beautiful voice! I hear her singing to Moments, and I start at my part. After a while, we are singing most of the songs. some of them don't even come on the radio. As we pull up to Starbucks, I get out of the car and open her door. "And they say chivalry is dead." She say. "I don't know who you listen to!" I exclaim sarcastically.

      We walk in, and find a nice table. I order a coffee, while she asks for a latte. I see a bunch of people staring. She Looks At me, and moves her hand. I get up to talk to them. One little girl sits apart from every one else. I walk over to her, and put my hand on her shoulder. She looks up quickly. "What is wrong?" I ask her. " I- No one likes me."She says. "Oh thats not t-" "Yes It Is!" She interupts. She only seems about 8. I lift her up."Look at me." I order her. she looks over at me, and I see her bright green eyes fill with tears. I wipe away the ones that spilled over her cheeks. "Where is your mum?" I ask. She points to a tall lady with brown curly hair. I carry her over, and give her to her mum.

        Back at the table, I sit and drink my coffee. "That was very sweet, what you did for that little girl." Aubree tells me. "Well-" She cuts me off by giving me a quick kiss. When we pull back, I smile at her. "Does this mean we're dating?" I ask.

Aubree P.O.V

       "Does this mean we're dating?" Louis asks smiling. "I guess so!" I tell him, and kiss his cheek. We drive back, and he drops me off. "Bye babe." He says and kisses my cheek. I walk inside, and change into my Pjs. The Are pink plaid pants and a white tee shirt. I wash off my make up, and tie my hair into a messy knot. Finally, I fall asleep.



 hey guys!!! Srry for keepin you waitin, but my part of ny is in the snowstorm. Ya know shoveling, and climbing. Well hope ya like it1 Bye My Epic ducks!



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