Interlocking Hearts

Aubree's life never was normal. But when her and her mum move too England, well it gets weirder. Her mum is an interviewer. When she interviews hit boy band One Direction, Aubree falls head over hells.will this be a love that lasts?


4. Publicity


Louis P.O.V

        It's been a month since Aubree and I started dating. I told her that we should go public. She didn't want to. I texted an old friend of mine for a solution

          itallic= text

  hey. need your help real quick- Louis

  sure bro- Devinator!

  want to go public. gf dont want to. ideas?- Louis

   yep see ya at next concert. it gonna be good!- Devinator

         *skip to concert day*

     Aubree helps me do my hair and wardrobe. I look for Devin, and see him in the loby. I get up and walk over to him. "This better be good." I say. "Relax! I got it bro!" He says.

     I walk onto stage, and We sing. At twitter I see a tweet. "Any gfs?:]. @the_devinator" Zayn and Liam step up. Then so do I. "Actually mine's here tonight. Come on up love!" The look on her face says it all. She's to nervous. "Brb" I whisper to the guys. I see Aubree Running down the hall. I run up to her, and grab her arm. Then, I put her over my shoulder. I run back onstage and put her down."Everyone! Meet the amazing Aubree Parker!' I call into my mic. She gives a timid wave. The whole stadium erupts into cheers.

Aubree P.O.V

      They accepted me! I give Louis A quick kiss. "Hey no Pda!" Harry shouts. "Your just jelly!" I tell him. Somewher in the crowd I hear an "Ooooh!" Harry just crosses his arms. I jump on his back and grab his curls. "Giddy up!" I shout. He gets on his knees, and sings"My body fails i'm on my knees, Prayin!" I hop of as Louis shouts "Thats my line!"

                                    *skip to after signing*

 We all decide to head back to the boy's place. "Lets play Truth or Dare!" Niall shouts. "Louis! Truth or Dare?"Niall shouts again "Hmmm, Dare!" Louis says. "Ok. I dare you to...Make me a sandwich!" Niall points to the kicthen. 5 minutes later, Louis comes back with six sandwiches. He gives one to everybody. "Tank Chu!" we all shout in unison. "Aubree, truth or dare?" Louis asks. 'Truth!" I reply automaticaly "Have you ever kissed someone?" Louis asks. "Umm Lou." I ask "yeah?" He says. " Your My Boyfriend Dummy!" "Oh right." He says. I kiss him,and he deepens it. We finally pull back to see everyone, including Kevin staring at us. Liam turns Kevin's head. We all burst into laughter.

        I see Zayn whisper something to Louis. Louis nods,  and whispers to everyone else. All of the sudden "TICKLE ATTACK!" Everyone jumps on me and Louis holds me down. They all start tickling me like crazy. Louis knows where, and he tickles my feet. "S-s-stop! I c-can't breathe." I exclaim while laughing like crazy. They move on to my feet, and I kick them. Finally they stop. "I'm going to bed!" I shout. Louis follows. He hands me a tee shirt, and Iput it on over my sweat pants. I see a text from Kailee light up my screen.

     what. ya frget bout your bff?- Kai kai

      mabye? jk, wanna come over tommorow- Aubree

     sure where?- Kai kai

        Nandos at 12:00?- Aubree

      Cya there!- Kai kai 

        Cya can I bring the boys?- Aubree

          THE boys? The ONE DIRECTION boys?!- Kai kai

          Yea who else- Aubree

         ok gtf - Kai kai

          bye- Aubree


Btw gtf means got to fly. Kailee is still a bit cukoo over 1d. enjoy awesome saucers!



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