Interlocking Hearts

Aubree's life never was normal. But when her and her mum move too England, well it gets weirder. Her mum is an interviewer. When she interviews hit boy band One Direction, Aubree falls head over hells.will this be a love that lasts?


5. Nandos

Aubree's P.O.V

      "Kay guys get ready!" I call into the boys' rooms. Similar groaning sounds come from each. They were obviously playing pokemon together, yippe. (Note that sarcasm in my voice) "Looooouuuuu!" I scream as I jump into his room. Sure enough, he's on that black Nintendo 3DS. I run over and snatch it from his hand. "Heeeey!" He shouts and does that signature puppy face. I just shake my head. "Just get ready. We're leaving at 5." I calmly lay the toy on his dresser. He looks defeated. But, hey. That's what I was goin for.

     At 5 we all climbed into the van. "To Nandos" Niall shouts. I just roll my eyes. "Sooooo..." Liam asks trying to break the ice. "Erm, Carrots?" Louis tells him. We all laugh at that one. We finally pull up to see Kailee waving. I hop out and envelope her in a huge hug. "OMG! I missed youuu!" I wail. " Ditto" She says. Harry, followed by the boys, and obviously Paul, pop out of the van right behind me. Kailee stands there, staring. Louis comes up from behind, and grabs my waist."Hello Carrot Prince" You murmur. "My Carrot Princess." He replys, and pecks your cheek.The boys walk over and start to say hi and introduce themselves. Harry has a certain far away look in his eye. "Umm... Let's eat." Niall yells and runs into Nandos. "Niall!" We all yell in unison.


Kailee's P.O.V

     Wow! I can't beleive this is happening. As we walk into Nandos, I catch Harry looking at me. I blush and quickly look away. We grab a table in the back corner. A blond waitress comes over to take our order. The minute she looks up her eyes go wide. "One Direction?!" She asks giddily. The boys nod, and Louis pulls Bree closer to him.The waitress' eyes went sad. "So what can I get you?" She asks. "Umm... Peri Peri Chicken please." Louis and Aubree say at the same time. "Jinx!" Aubree yells. She always was the master at that. Louis gets this sad look on his face."It's okay Louis, she always wins." I say, purposley saying his name. His face lights up. "Kailee!" Aubree whines. I turn to the waitress. "Salad please." I say. Niall gets Peri Peri Chicken, And the others just get burgers.

     After dinner we say our good byes.When I say goodbye to Harry he smiles showing his sweet dimples. He slips a piece of paper into my hand, and I put it in my pocket. I climb into my car and drive home.


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