Interlocking Hearts

Aubree's life never was normal. But when her and her mum move too England, well it gets weirder. Her mum is an interviewer. When she interviews hit boy band One Direction, Aubree falls head over hells.will this be a love that lasts?


2. Big news.

Aubrees P.O.V

I squeal as I jump in my seat. Kailee puts her hand on my shoulder to steady me. But I can't help it! "Eeeeeee!" I squeal again.

We watch as the lights come on, focusing on each member. This is the most exciting day of my life. "Are you all ready to make some noise?" Louis asks in his sweet British accent.

"Yes!" Half of the O2 stadium exclaims. They start with What Makes You Beautiful. About 10 songs later they went onto twitter questions. I had asked what languages if any they can speak. Mine pops up first.

" Hola! Como Estas?" Niall says "Muy Bien!" We all shout. Harry says something that Im guessing is French. 12 Twitter questions later they sing more. During I Want I catch Louis looking in my direction. I wave over at him.

After the concert we head to the signing. When we get to Louis he says "Hello Miss Wavy." "Hi Mister Tomlinson" I fire back. He signs my cd and we move down the line. After the signing, I see Louis running toward me. Omg! I fangirl on the inside. I tap Kailee and point towards Louis. "Hey." He says when he finally catches up. "Hello Louis. Any reason for this visit?" I ask him.

"Actually yes." He responds and slips a piece of paper into my hand. I open and see his number. "Now mabye I could get yours as well?" I quickly write it down and hand it to him as he walks away.


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