One and Only LOve

Getting over Harry isn't easy believe me this story is the point of were love makes a mistake but will this love become last?


5. *Harry's POV*

 I had a great summer. Me and lexie hung out alot. We had tons of sex. And i can't complain, she's great. Were not exactly a couple, just friends with benefit. And im okay with that. Means hooking up with more girls right? Single life is better than ever. "Oh.My.God! Who is that attention whore over there?!?" Lexie said rather jealous I turned my head and saw this sexy girl. Her hair was long, it was like blonde mixed with light red and pink at the bottom. If she looks great from the back she must look even better in the front. 'Who is she?' That was running through my mind. She turned around and....oh no. That can't be...but it is. There is only one person who has those sky blue eyes. What did she do to herself? She looks like a whole new person. "Woah! DAMN!" "Who is that hottie ova there?!" Said klevar pratically drooling over her "Um, baby!" Lexie interuppted my thoughts "Yeah..?" I said not taking my eyes off her "Close your mouth! You are totally drooling over her too!" She snapped I closed my mouth not realising i had my mouth open, but I couldn't help it. She is.....breathtaking. She walked up the steps, man was she confident. I wonder if she saw me staring at her. I just can't believe that's amanda. Did I just make the biggest mistake of my life by dumping her?

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