One and Only LOve

Getting over Harry isn't easy believe me this story is the point of were love makes a mistake but will this love become last?


4. *Amanda's POV*

-3 months later- I got home, my hands full of shopping bags. I went up to my room and placed the bags on my bed. I walked past my mirror and i was looking at my reflection I couldn't be more proud and happy. I changed every single thing about me this summer. My hair grew longer up to belly button, it is now a strawberry blonde with hot pink dip dyed ends. I got an intense tan that made my sky blue eyes stand out. I worked out alot, volleyball is amazing. I'd never thought i'd love volleyball very much, but I do. I'm proud of my athletic, petite body. Let's just say tomorrow I will be showing alot of skin at school tomorrow. ;) *Beep beep beep* Well time for school I thought. I got up and showered. I walked in to my walk in closet, deciding what I should wear. I want to wear something hot, but not too skanky. I finally decided on a coral tied crop top that showed my tanned waist, short lace black shorts and black flannel ankle boots. I straightened my hair which made it look longer and curled my dip dyed ends. I put on my makeup, I made sure I put on not too much, but not too less. Good amanda, you finally looked perfect. I blew my mirror a kiss. I hopped into my white convertible. Since my parents are divorced I get double everything. They do know how to spoil a daughter. But how can I blame them? I look hotter than ever. I pulled in to the school parking lot when suddenly I saw those curls. I knew exactly who those curls belonged too.

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