One and Only LOve

Getting over Harry isn't easy believe me this story is the point of were love makes a mistake but will this love become last?


3. *Amanda's POV*

Falling from cloud nine, crashing from the high, im letting go tonight.." katy perrys new song 'wide awake' on replay. But i didn't want to let go. I still love him, with all my heart. But he didn't loved me. I curled up into ball on the floor sobbing. I got up, i decided to check facebook. First thing on my news feed was: "Harry styles went from being in a relationship to single." I cried even harder. Well might as well changed my relationship status too. I scrolled down my news feed, i stumbled upon a few pictures, my face in complete utter shock. Harry making out with lexie. I sat there speechless, hurt, and alone. I had way too many emotions in just one minute. There were more pictures of lexie and harry intenseley making out. "That's it!" I stood up and closed my laptob. I went to my bathroom and looked in the mirror, my eyes big, red, and puffy. I composed myself. I picked up my phone and dialed. "Mom?" I said, "mom how about those volleyball tryouts?" I asked "Oh sweety! Yes, yes, yes! You will love volleyball!" She replied ecstatic "Yeah mom i know, okay i'll see you tomorrow. Love you too." I hung up and looked in the mirror again, If harry wants to play with my heart, I will certainley not let him do that. I wiped my tears away. I can play games too. I'll play them better, and harder. Harry Styles, get ready for the biggest payback of your entire life. A smile spread across my face

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