One and Only LOve

Getting over Harry isn't easy believe me this story is the point of were love makes a mistake but will this love become last?


2. *Amanda's POV*


I smiled and turned around. He planted a kiss on my lips. It was full of love and pure lust. Not just his kiss made me go weak in the knees. His perky curls, his wide smile along with those dimples..just everything about him. I was 100% inlove with him and i knew he was too. "Hey baby" he smiled "Hey babe!" I kissed his cheek And with that we walked hand in hand to class. -Lunch time- "Why is harry sitting with that skank?" I said looking over to harry and lexie, one of the most popular and prettiest girls of school. I was sitting with Louis, one of harrys best mates, his girlfriend eleanor, dani and liam. I loved them they're easy to talk to. "Who knows" Louis said shrugging Yeah well I would like to know I said in my mind. The day passed and harry still hasn't bothered to explain. After school he came over to my house. *Ding Dong* I went downstairs, opening the door I saw a tall curly boy standing there. He looked very serious. "Look amanda, I need to talk to you." He said inviting himself in "Yeah you do. Why were you sitting with lexie at lunch?" I asked annoyed "That's the thing, we need a break and see other people." He said trying not to look me in the eyes "What?!" I raised my voice "but this morning we were fine!" I yelled trying to put some sense into him. He just stood there, quiet. Pathetic. I thought. "Please answer me!" I turned his face so he was looking me straight in the eyes. Nothing....what has gone into him.


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