One and Only LOve

Getting over Harry isn't easy believe me this story is the point of were love makes a mistake but will this love become last?


1. *Amanda's POV*

"AMANDA!!! FOR THE LAST TIME CAN YOU PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IM SAYING!" My mom yelled interuppting my thoughts. Of course i could care less if she yelled, i was just thinking about my perfect boyfriend of 7 months as a big fat smile spread across my face. "Have you decided about playing volleyball this summer? I heard they're looking for new people and i thought you should go for it." My mom said trying to convince me. Suddenly my smile faded to an annoyed look. "Mom..." i said "im not that interested in sports. If i were then i'd tryout. But i just don't think they're for me." "Oh honey, sports are for everone you just have to get used to it" she said pulling up to the school parking lot. "Kay i'll think about it, bye mom!" I tried to hurry out of the car quickly. Its not that im fat but im not the skinniest thing around. I mean if i'd like sports I would- suddenly a pair of arms wrapped behind my waist..i knew those hands anywhere.

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