I Do

One Direction wants to have some fun but, what do they do? They kidnap Kat Mortez. *Some inappropriate scenes for people under13* Between Harry and Zayn, who will she choose?


3. Wait, What?

"Harry, that's your name right?" I asked him. I was scared. "Yes, love you are Kat right? " "umm yeah." "Okay, Kitty Kat, i am gonna


make this clear, don't you yell or shout or do anything stupid and i won't hurt you." Harry smirked. "Wha-" WHACK! "Dammit, don't speak


 unless spoken to you little Bitch!" Harry screamed at me. "What the hell?" I screamed. I tried to run but, he caught me. "You deserve


punishment!" Harry smirked and took his shirt off. "What are you doing?" I glared at him. I was about to yell when somebody came in

.      "Zayn, I think this little bitch needs a punishment what do you think?" "I think what the HELL!" "Harry, you just can't kidnap people damn it!" "Get the hell out of my room!" Harry yelled and punched Zayn. "Zayn, are you okay!" "Shut up bitch!" Harry snapped. he closed and locked the door. After throwing me on the bed he.....








Cliff Hanger!! Haha! ;) so what do you thinl will happen???? Any questions or comments post in the comment section lol Love You My Little Pancakes! Sorry  i haven't updated!! Oh and by the way I prolly wont update This weekend. :( But thats okay, cause.... IM GOING ON A DATE!!!! LOL!! :) im so excited! :)

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