Give me love

hi, this is my first movella so no hate. i basically got the idea from give me love by ed sheeran.


2. jealousy

I give my life up for others, constantly giving them 'cupids love', they get happiness but in return what do i get, nothing, nothing but jealousy, a horrible feeling in my stomach which is impossible to dispose of. I have no friends to share my problems with so i just drink them away and hope that when i wake up everything was a dream.

It is a Monday afternoon, i'm still in bed and my hair is in a tangle around my face. I hear a rumble in my belly so i decide to get dressed, i pull on my ripped grey jeans, my thin, white top with a picture of cupid on it, how ironic, I slip my feet into my black boots, I brush my tangled hair untill it is back to  it's long, black, silky self.

As i walk out of the door i see another note, i don't even bother to look at it, i just stuff it into my pocket and head to mcdonalds for some brunch.

Before i order i sit on the bright green chair and quickly skim-read the note, after,i stuff it back into my pocket and murmer to myself 'fourty- six people in one night, are you acctually joking!?'

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