Give me love

hi, this is my first movella so no hate. i basically got the idea from give me love by ed sheeran.


1. prolugue

It's the 22nd of December, I am sitting down on my old, broken sofa sipping the remains of Jack Daniels from the bottle.There is a slow,loud knock on my flimsy frontdoor, i take one last sip of my drink and let it trickle down my throat. I finally get up and open the door, to see nobody there, just a  wooden bow and an arrow that glistens in the moonlight, the tip of it is white and sharp, attached is a white feather and a crumpled note which has my task.

The arrow clasped in my hands, i take a step outside and brace the cold night air, confused, i take a breath in and let my lungs take in the city air. As i walk down the dark isolated street, the wind blows my long, black hair in my face so i put my arrow on my back and clasp my thin, grey hood in my shivering hands and pull it round my head.

With every footstep i take, i keep looking at the thin note in my hands, i hate myself even more, i hate my life even more.

I arrive at the bustling town, the bass of the music fills my ears, the smell of alcohol fills my nose, and the sight of young, happy lovers fill the area, suddenly i feel a horrible, aching feeling brewing in my stomach, 'jealousy', i grab out my bow & arrow, 'it's time'. I see a thin, blonde girl flirting with a tall, brown haired boy, I hold, the fragile, wooden frame in my pale hands, i take a breath, i pull backwards, i let go, i watch it hit the blond girl,i watch it pierce her skin, i watch i watch them stare into eachothers eyes, madly inlove, 'why can't it be me? why can't i have somebody to love?'

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