The Outcast

Based on a very dark time in my own life.


1. The Outcast

I am the outcast.

I am the one you

See, sitting alone watching

Other people, happy people,

People with friends.

I am alone, unwanted,

The joke. The freak.

The loner.


Until you came along,

A breath of fresh

Air. And stupidly I

Let you become my

Whole world. But then

You showed me who

You really are underneath

You're manipulative, you're heartless,

You just don't care,

About me or anyone.


I put up with

Everything, manipulation, lies, the

Hate. And even when

You fought with me,

Turned on me, told

Me that I was

Worthless, that you hated



I put up with

Your bullies becoming mine

I gave you everything

I had. And it

Still wasn't enough for

You. So now, battered

Bruised and broken, I

walk away. I have

Told you so many

Times - "It's over, we're

Done!" But this time,

I mean it. I

Am free! No longer

Enveloped by your dark



At least, that is

What I tell myself.

But deep down I

Know, that you'll claim

me again. And when

you do, you'll gleefully

Burn my soul. enjoying

my cries of agony.

So why do I

go back to you?


Because I am the one

You see, sitting alone,

Watching other people, happy

People. People with friends.

I am alone, unwanted,

The joke. The freak,

The loner.


I am the outcast,

and I don't deserve

any better.


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