Broken Parts

After a heartbreaking split from long term girlfriend Jess Peacock, Niall Horan leaves behind the sleepy town of Mullingar for the sweet vibe of Miami. Surely a trip with the boys won't lead to new encounters...?


1. This is it...

Niall's POV:


Things have been tough with me and Jess recently, ever since One Direction went global and we began touring to promote "Take Me Home". The band took a break while Lou had to visit his mam, she's in hospital with a broken collarbone. I came back to Mullingar, to see my family, old mates and of course my princess. I had been looking forward to this for months, I hadn't seen anyone since...well actually a pretty damn long time! When I arrived home I left my suitcase in the hall, surprised my family who hadn't been expecting me back for ages and the got a bite of lunch. It was great to be home, seeing all the smiling faces well except Jess. After lunch I went round to her house, tiding myself up as I walked up her road. I bounded up to her door, an excited smile on my face.


Knocking I waited and heard a scuffle upstairs. 'Crap , bet she's still in bed' I though guiltily, Jess is not a morning person. A patter of feet came down the stairs and the door was flung open. "Surprise!" I beamed. Jess stood in shock, still in her shorts and tee shirt pyjamas, her hair a little bedraggled. I jumped forward and gave her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. She still stood, stiff as a board, still not speaking. I pulled back and grinned, taking in her gorgeous eyes. She fumbled with her top and began to speak, "Niall...I...I didn't expect you back so soon." She bit her lip and took a deep breath. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a figure in her landing. They moved down the stairs, a wait man, about 21, maybe 22, topless, well built with a mop of black hair. Tattoos streamed down his arms. "Babe, is this kid giving you any bother?" He gave me a snide glare, I turned to Jess. "Babe? Jess who is this?!" She started to sniff, tears forming in her eyes. The guy came down the stairs and put his arm over her shoulder, "You must be the kiddie boy-band member ex. All that touring, all that time away and you didn't think she would find someone better?" His cold stare bit into me. I looked at Jess, fury building up inside me.


"Ex? Ex!? What the fuck Jess!? You cheated on me!" She burst into tears, "Niall please, it was never going to work." The guy laughed mockingly, "Get lost kid." I snapped, throwing a well aimed punch in his jaw. He stumbled backwards, cursing. I looked at Jess, "To hell with you, next time tell the bloke before you go sleeping around." She stared at me in shock as I turned around, stalking off back home. I slammed the door and went to my room. Grabbing my laptop, I logged onto Facebook, thank heck Harry was on chat.



Me: Man, guess what shit happened me today?

Harry: Ohhh Niall's swearing things must be bad! ;) what is it?

Me: Got home and went to see Jess, found out she's been sleeping with some guy behind my back! So pissed!

Harry: Holy shit dude! That sucks! The hell she playing at??

Me: Idk landed the guy a sweet knock the the face though, should show up nice and beaten tomorrow

Harry: Nice one! Man, that really sucks, you can do way better than that. I'll call later tonight, my mums making dinner now. Later!

Me: Bye



I flopped backwards onto my bed, angry thoughts running through my head. I gotta get away from here, away from Jess and mr topless.

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