A change in the weather.

A partial non-fiction story with a few additions.
A young girl still in high school, Dannika, just wanting to escape her life in a small town where the truth, or what people believe to be the truth travels fast.
A few wrong decisions and she becomes what she least expected to ever be. She strives for things to go back to the way they were, but she also strives for something else, Drugs, Sex, Parties, and most of all Felix. She'll do anything to get his attention, and as she gains his she also gains the attention of others. It's all fine until Dannika's bestfriend, Anya, makes it her goal to reveal the truth about Dannika.
It starts off fun, with warm stares but then they turn cold. It's a change in the weather and Dannika struggles to change the time of her own seasons.


3. Psychology class instantly became my favorite class.

As soon as I stepped into the class, I got shivers. Everyone was staring. Not at me, but at Anya. I'm sure a few boys mouths even dropped open. I wanted those stares. No. I needed those stares. Just then the most gorgeous human being strut up to us. Like full on strut. As he past I could practically see these girls' poor hearts breaking. Not even breaking, shattering, smashing, turning into dust. And mine was one of them. He had dark black hair that just barely fell in front of his face, crystal blue eyes, you could practically see through them, and a smirk that made me tingle, in places I didn't even know could tingle! He walked straight up to Anya. Of course. 

"The only domestic animal not mentioned in the bible is the cat" he said.

"Was there a point to that useless fact?" Anya said, acting cool. But I know she was melting. 

"I like useless facts." He proceeded to tell us or I mean her. "I've got quite a few"

"Some are pretty interesting!" I cut in, he seemed shocked I was there. Like I said, invisible.


"I don't get it." Anya said, sounding like a dumb blonde.  

"Another useless fact?" I assumed.

"Not necessarily useless." He claimed "It's my number, write it down."

Oh my god, he looked straight at me and told me to write his number. Me. But of course I didn't. I left that to Anya.

"Are you going to give me yours?" He was asking me, ME!?!?!?!

"uh, well, 505-240-0001" I was stuttering. I was so not good at this kind of thing. 

"Wonderful, since parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow." he said, and strut back to his seat.

I think a single tear strolled down my cheek, oh god he's perfect, he was now quoting Shakespeare. 

I didn't even catch his name, and I tried to find him after class. But he was already gone, three words, dear Romeo, and goodnight indeed. (Three words, You are hot.)

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