A change in the weather.

A partial non-fiction story with a few additions.
A young girl still in high school, Dannika, just wanting to escape her life in a small town where the truth, or what people believe to be the truth travels fast.
A few wrong decisions and she becomes what she least expected to ever be. She strives for things to go back to the way they were, but she also strives for something else, Drugs, Sex, Parties, and most of all Felix. She'll do anything to get his attention, and as she gains his she also gains the attention of others. It's all fine until Dannika's bestfriend, Anya, makes it her goal to reveal the truth about Dannika.
It starts off fun, with warm stares but then they turn cold. It's a change in the weather and Dannika struggles to change the time of her own seasons.


1. Prologue: Let's not get ahead of ourselves

      They always say: "Once you go ________ you never go back." and you take it as sort of a funny quote, that's not serious! Of course anything can go back! In my case it was "Once you go slutting yourself around to everyone Dannika, you'll never go back." and I thought to myself: "excuse you, I can do what I want. I'm me, and a few boys aren't going to change that!" Little did I know they meant: "Once you go around giving yourself out to everyone, you're going to be labeled. My dear Danni, labels never, ever, ever go away. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here, I am not my label! Or, at least, I wasn't before. It wasn't just like: "POP! Congratulations! It's a girl! She's a slut!" My name is Dannika, Dannika Magic Everet (My parents were like hippies or something, or maybe they believed I was magic. I don't want to seem cocky but I'm pretty magical, if I do say so myself.) I was born on, February 20th, 1994. I'm 17 years old, and up until now romance, sex, love, compassion and hate only existed in books. I mean, I didn't even exist. People walk right through me. as my ex-best friend told me this morning, April, 12th, 2012 "Your nose went from down in a book to straight up in the sky, you are NOT all that Dannika Everet, you're a slut." and the thing I keep thinking about the most isn't that my bestfriend of 7 years called me a slut, but that she used my last name for emphasis "Dannika Everet" man, I am intimidated! 

      But back to me!(I'm such an attention whore. Oh wait Danni, you're an actual whore) I usually spend my time reading, and looking at funny cat photos. I actually love intelligence though, it's sexy. mmmmmm. I wish I were more intelligent  I guess I am. I get straight A's. Plus I wear glasses, like doesn't that make you intelligent? Anyone else remember when because you wear glasses you were a nerd? Might as well tell you everything, give a little E-true hollywood story to Dannika Magic Everet. I like the colour purple, I have straight, no weave boring blonde hair, I'm about 5'6, I'm fairly skinny, I have the shape of a tree trunk, and hazel/green eyes, and most of all I have as much sex appeal as an apple. 


      It started back in September, my school, Bransin Secondary School closed down so my best friend Anya and I had to start this school year off at a new school, called Karson Secondary School. Ew. That's where all the preps go.Go team, go! This should be sooooooooooooooooooooo fun! not.


And that's when I saw him.  

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