A change in the weather.

A partial non-fiction story with a few additions.
A young girl still in high school, Dannika, just wanting to escape her life in a small town where the truth, or what people believe to be the truth travels fast.
A few wrong decisions and she becomes what she least expected to ever be. She strives for things to go back to the way they were, but she also strives for something else, Drugs, Sex, Parties, and most of all Felix. She'll do anything to get his attention, and as she gains his she also gains the attention of others. It's all fine until Dannika's bestfriend, Anya, makes it her goal to reveal the truth about Dannika.
It starts off fun, with warm stares but then they turn cold. It's a change in the weather and Dannika struggles to change the time of her own seasons.


2. Dan the man! Get up!

"Dannika! get the fuck up!" 

What time was it? I set my alarm for 6:30. Shower. Makeup. Dressed. Hair. Eat. Leave. Casual morning! 

"Yo, Dan the man, time to get up."

My brother, Darren, called me "Dan the man", because I have small boobs and no curves. You'd think my parents would stop him, but they're too busy being cool bad-ass lawyers, helping bad people avoid their punishment and such.

"Danni, baby, I think you should take this new school as an opportunity to make new friends, and you know, try to present yourself a little better." my mom said.

"So basically, mom wants you to take this time to try and be hot, ditch Anya and get a boyfriend and stop being a loser! HA! Like that's possible!" Darren chimed " Dan the man! Dan the man! Tries to be hot but never can!" 

I really don't know why I put up with this loser, I could kick him in the genitals and he'd shut up quite fast. Actually, I could probably make him cry. Maybe I'll just insult the fact that he's not in university yet, because he's "deferring" for a year to travel. Really Darwyn? Because you're still here. We all know you didn't get into the school you wanted. (By the way, have you ever seen the show bewitched? They call Darren, Darwyn and it bugs him. Hoping my brother would have the same reaction I started calling him that, it didn't actually work but the nick name stuck.)

"Patience master, one day I will be the attractive one. You know, usually ugly people get hotter with age!"

"Yes grasshopper, but unfortunately you have 20 minutes to get ready, and you'll probably look ugly. What an awesome first impression." Darren rubbed in my face. 


I luckily got to school on time, and I didn't look half bad (for a tree). I saw Anya right away, honestly who couldn't? Brown ringlets, deep blue eyes; you could almost see the waves crashing in the ocean of her eyes, long long long legs, and almost as long eyelashes, a bright white smile, and to be completely honest huge tits. Like is that possible?! I'm a tree, and my best friend is an hourglass. I bet when guys see us their like "Here comes Anya and the troll!" 

"Hello darling!" Anya said in a terrible british accent. 

"When're you going to give that up Anya" 

I like to make nicknames for my friends or, I mean friend and my fam-jam. But what am I supposed to call Anya? An? Ya? No.

"I shall give thee up when I am good and ready!" 

"Well you suck..." I assured her.

"Always." She winked. "Off to physiology are we?"

"Yeah, maybe we can find out why you're such a slllllllluuuuuuuutttt" I blew a kiss.

"And we can find out why your brother is a sex god, and you, well you look like you." She shot back.

She won this time. 


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