Last First Kiss

Lexi is a small town girl..
her parents are making her live with her Aunt over the summer in Los Angeles. Lexi runs in lots of trouble and does things she will regret and most of all she will fall in love with two guys that will mean so much to her. Lexi is only 16, is it to much for her to handle?


1. bad news at bad times.

Goodbyes aren't always easy.But there not always hard. So much has happen last year over one summer. My parents forced me and my little brother Noah to live with my aunt. I hated my parents for ruining my summer. I cried a lot over it. I had one week of school left and I had to tell my best friend Allie I was gonna be gone all summer. Me and Allie spend everyday together over summer. Me and Allie have been best friend since sixth grade. We meet on the swings. I was swinging and she walks over and sits to the swing over and she had tear running down her face. "Are you okay?" I ask. "No, Everybody hates me.They call me mean names and always push me around." Allie says wiping her eyes." Sorry if I'm in your space I will leave." Allie says getting up fast. "No! Your not in my space. I don't have friends either."I say. "Really?" She says with a confused look on her face. "Yes, really." I say. She looks at me for a minute and comes over to grab my hand and looks me straight in the eyes."Wanna be my best friend?" She says. I smile and say yes and she hugs me so tight I couldn't breath. 

Later that night I texted Allie. I told her to come over. Next thing I know there's a knock on the door, it was Allie.She hugs me." Hey whats wrong Lex?" She says. "Well I have bad news.My parents are making me stay at my aunts." I say with a sad look on my face. "And?" she says. "Over summer" I say."What! Your joking!!" she says. "I wish." I say quietly. Allie looked like she was about to cry. I hugged her." Can I stay the night?" She asked. I smile and say of course you can!

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