One thing>.<

If i spoil it then it won't be soo good but ill just tell you a little bit of it.A girl meets him and deeply fall in love immediately.She has something that he loves about her and it is just ONE THING! good movella.


3. our little hiding spot.

Harry's P.O.V


Me and tanya are walking to the mall when she adds a comment."oh shoot!!!".I look at her and quickly say"what's wrong?"

"i forgot to bring my wallet."she reply's with one of her hands on her forehead.

"it's ok..........i can pay for you........and trust me i really can."

"no thank you but no it' not so polite to do that"she answers back to me smiling."do you know who i am?"i ask her concerned.

"no?? i spossed to?

"umm no but it's pretty obvious around the whole world"

"what is?"

"nevermind................but ill pay for you ok?i don't take no for an answer"

"are you sure?"



We walk back to our normal pace.

Several minutes later we're at the "Le Grand Mall"Me and tanya go in to a big crowd of people.Then i remember that today is a new opening for a new store in the mall."pretty full isn't it?"i ask tanya.


"well we can go eat some pizza..........if you want"

"ok"she says smiling.

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